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  • Corporate Social Responsibility at Epson: Printers Designed for the Dump?

    Japanese electronics manufacturer Epson has kept a low profile in its corporate social responsibility efforts over its 7 decades in business. The company has recently made a few small waves, including committing to the green electronics certification EPEAT. EPEAT is a certification registry that now includes computers, printers, scanners, copiers, and multifunction devices. Other than that, […] More

  • Why is Google investing so heavily in renewables?

    With concerns over the wider environment growing on an almost daily basis, the pressure is increasing on some of the world’s largest companies, particularly those in the technology sector to clean up their act. Google is one firm that seem to have paid attention to their carbon footprint, and have apparently invested huge amounts of […] More

  • Trade Show Green Marketing

    Trade shows are a terrific venue for marketing your company’s goods and services. The Green Festival, a long-running marketplace for socially responsible businesses and their products, is held several times per year, and has attendance well into the tens of thousands. Our company exhibited our sustainability game at the Green Festival in New York, Chicago, […] More

  • What is a carbon tax? And could it work?

    It seems a perfect storm of events has lined itself up to create a political environment that *should* push forward a carbon tax. Will it happen, what would it do, and could it work? Let’s start with a quick definition. A carbon tax, in its simplest form, is simply a tax on polluting carbon emissions. […] More

  • Turtle Bay Resort: a sustainable place to host an event?

    Oahu’s recent Wanderlust Festival provided yoginis the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the yoga world’s biggest names: Shiva Rae, Baron Baptiste, Shakti Sunfire, Eion Finn and Michael Franti were fixtures in the festivities. Given the yoga crowd’s penchant for mindfulness, organic foods, and all things green, the choice of location for such […] More

  • Bad Bad Packaging

    I can’t help myself! I review the shopping venues shelves, such as my local supermarket and Walmart, to investigate what manufacturers are doing to make the packaging of their products more sustainable. I have to admit that I focus on the negative. I really notice the packaging tragedies, and cringe to see just how bad […] More

  • What is Sustainability?

    Any business, any person, can understand sustainability.  It’s not difficult, in fact it’s remarkably easy.  It’s all about give and take, and making sure you give more than you take. Is that such a terrible thing to say, to say that a business ought to create more than it absorbs?  Not just in terms of […] More

  • Titans of eco-friendly industry, 2013 edition

    The environment has become an increasingly big concern for companies around the world. While many companies are begrudgingly forced to abide by local environmental regulations, the are other companies that are constantly looking for new and more efficient ways to be green. In addition to our recent America-centric article about corporate social responsibility in the […] More

  • How Fair is Fair Trade?

    This is a guest post by Louisa Leontiades. When I look at recent reports on Fairtrade and Cadbury, I see that both Fairtrade and Cadbury are doing well out of their alliance. In 2009, when Cadbury Dairy Milk  went fair trade and started boasting the green and blue swirls, it was hailed as a major turning point for […] More

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