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  • The Reality of Wealth Inequality in the US is Staggering

    Depending on our own income level, our perception of how wealth is distributed across the US population can be mighty skewed, as this video points out: US Wealth Inequality In One Chilling Video (Must See) (via Planetsave) This video demonstrates a few crazy things. One: US wealth inequality is even much greater than most Americans […] More

  • Time for a New Politics of Sustainability

    The major defining feature of politics in our current day and age is the division between the political left and right, with the political spectrum popularly being perceived as a progression from communism on the extreme left, through socialism, liberalism, and conservatism, to fascism on the extreme right. The terms left and right are believed […] More

  • The Power to Change the Economy from Within

    When we look at how our market economy affects the environment, it appears that all common sense goes out the window. According to the prevailing economic wisdom, it makes perfect sense for us to clear vast swathes of tropical rainforest to make way for oil palm plantations and soya beans, to pursue the last few […] More

  • Who Are the Real Job Creators? You’d be Surprised.

    Are the wealthy the job creators that they’re made out to be? Or does the creation of jobs and the growth of the economy happen because of an entirely different source and demographic? This short TED Talk about income inequality given by Nick Hanauer sheds some light on the controversy, and may cause you to […] More

  • Redesign the Economy at Transition Economics 2014

    In some industries, the outlook for the economy is very bright, with people and businesses making money hand over fist, and wondering what all the fuss about economic recovery is. If you’re in the tech world, or in venture capital, or perhaps the stock market, your future may look rosy, but if you’re one of […] More

  • Is the World Ready for Sacred Economics?

    If we truly want to work toward a more sustainable world, and a more sustainable economy, it might be necessary to redefine our relationship with money, and to retool our financial systems, in order to transition to a new type of economy – one that puts an emphasis on community, the commons, resource-based economics, and […] More

  • The Principles of Economics that Drive the Economic Machine

    For many of us, aside from economists and financial analysts, the basic principles of economics that drive the global financial system are something that we may have been exposed to briefly in an academic setting during our education, but that we rarely acknowledge as we go about our daily lives. It’s one thing to learn […] More

  • Three Lessons for a Sustainable Economy

    In 2008 Lehman Brothers collapsed in a fiery inferno and the capital markets were consumed by brimstone. Or so some would have us believe.  The truth is it was all perfectly predictable because sudden collapses of confidence are built into today’s business cycle, where those with assets to protect try to inflate their value as […] More

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