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  • Is Sustainable Responsible Investing (SRI) More Than an Ethical Decision?

    With cash-strapped and debt-ridden governments, sustainable development experts are turning to private SRI investors to address the gap in social and environmental initiative spending. A UN paper titled Private Sector Investment and Sustainable Development estimates that approximately US$5 trillion to US$7 trillion per year will be required to address sustainable development needs, with an additional US$44 […] More

  • Egypt’s Solar Energy Plans Are Heating Up

    Participating in an initiative to finance rooftop solar power units, National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Banque Misr are offering loans to citizens in Egypt. As a preliminary stage, the initiative is being offered only within specific areas of Cairo. However, plans include expanding soon into Egypt’s other governorates. Energy Committee Head Magid Eldeen Almanzlaoy […] More

  • Islamic Finance: A Fast-Expanding Market

    When the Western financial world imploded in 2007-8, many nations’ economies suffered as a result. Riding out the storm with little to no negative impact in the midst of severe economic downturn, the Islamic financial market has paradoxically been experiencing exponential growth. For this reason, Islamic finance has become a topic of worldwide interest. However, […] More

  • New Spending Bill Includes Environmental Setbacks

    Several setbacks undermining environmental efforts and interests are tucked into the federal spending bill President Obama signed into U.S. law last Tuesday. This bill is one of the last acts of Congress under the Democratic-controlled Senate. Not boding well for environmentalists and climate change activists, Congress will return in January with Republicans in charge of […] More

  • Guide to Bitcoin for Small Business

    As we continue to seek out more sustainable and decentralized solutions to such common everyday tasks, such as making and receiving payments, peer-to-peer currencies may lead the way. Of these digital currencies and crypocurrencies, perhaps the most well known is Bitcoin, which is not “just for geeks”, but is now seeing adoption by a range […] More

  • Is Bitcoin Mining Killing the Planet with its Massive Carbon Footprint?

    Bitcoin, the latest virtual specie and darling of advocates of alternative, decentralized, and peer-to-peer currencies, has been making waves in currency speculation and spurring interest from investors and traders. And on the surface, bitcoin has a lot going for it, such as being digital, anonymous, decentralized, and open source, with its value not being tied […] More

  • Crowdfunding Could Grow to $90 Billion Market

    The other day, I had a conversation that began something like this: “Crowdfunding, that’s that new term for how you can get the latest gadget or game or movie by ordering it early, right?” To which I replied that yes, that could certainly be one way to look at it, but another, and perhaps more […] More