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  • How Carbon Emission Reduction Can Pay For Itself

    Health care savings can greatly defray costs of reducing carbon emissions, experts at MIT report. But just how large are the health benefits of cleaner air in comparison to the costs of carbon reduction policies? Researchers looked at three U.S. policies achieving the same carbon reductions. They found that the savings on health care spending […] More

  • green buildings have high health potential for low income housing

    Green Buildings Offer High Health Gains For Low Income Residents

    The “green building” trend is often associated with helping the environment by using eco-friendly materials and energy-saving techniques. These practices are designed to help improve the health of the people living in them, too. And scientists from Harvard School of Public Health are now reporting evidence that they can indeed help people feel better, including […] More

  • Use Live Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    In our quest for buildings that can provide an environment that’s fairly constant for the people that live in them, we’ve inadvertently created situations where the indoor air quality can be much poorer than outside, and the lack of fresh air and increase in the off-gassing of man-made materials can make people much less productive, […] More

  • Demographic Transitions in the 21st Century

    One of the critical challenges for the next century is the need to stabilise, and ultimately to reduce the number of human beings on this planet. We are already by far the most abundant large animal on Earth, and our sheer numbers, combined with our extremely wasteful use of resources, is putting increasing strain on […] More

  • GlaxoSmithKline to Stop Paying Doctors to Sell Their Drugs

    One of the world’s largest drug companies, GlaxoSmithKline, is breaking with one of the pharmaceutical industry’s standard sales techniques, and focusing instead on the interests of its patients. Drug companies have found that it’s effective for their sales to pay doctors and other healthcare professionals to chat up other physicians about their products, and then […] More