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  • Meet the Top Sustainable Women CEOs: Kim Jordan

    This week, the Important Media Network has committed to highlighting some of the women that are making the world a better place. At Inspired Economist, we thought we’d take part by profiling a great sustainable woman CEO every day this week. Check in each day to see who we have next!  Kim Jordan was New […] More

  • You Think You Might start a Green Business?

    Our aching planet just needs you to be thoughtful as you plow into your next venture. If you are, everyone wins, and wins sustainably into the indefinite future. A sustainable business considers the impacts of every facet of its operation and then attempts to address each, from paper consumption to human resources, in a way […] More

  • Sunil Paul Cheerleads CleanWeb Hackathon, live from San Francisco

    The first “Cleanweb  Hackathon” is underway today at the Parisoma coworking space in San Francisco. Sunil Paul, a well-known cleantech investor through his Spring Ventures, has been one of the driving forces behind this great event. It remains to be seen what will come out of today’s (and tonight’s) hacking, but we’re sure to see […] More

  • Developing Platforms for Social Change: The New CSR Movement?

    I wasn’t planning on following up on last week’s article, “Twitter and Corporate Social Responsibility”, nor was I really considering taking the CSR conversation in this direction.  However I saw a video the other day on Mashable which was an interview of venerable Apple evangalist and venture capitalist veteran Guy Kawasaki at South By Southwest […] More

  • Pepsi Announces GREEN Bottle Made from Plant Resources

    Let the world of PET bottles rejoice. PepsiCo has developed the world’s first PET plastic bottle made entirely from plant-based, fully renewable resources, enabling the company to manufacture a beverage container with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. The new bottle is 100% recyclable and, according to the company, “far surpasses existing industry technologies.” The bottle […] More

  • Sustainable Packaging: Are Mushrooms the New Styrofoam?

    Ever wonder what happens to all that styrofoam and packaging surrounding your new plasma tv or furniture? Product designer Eben Bayer tells the hard truth about styrofoam and plastics and introduces a new, fungus-based packaging material that protects fragile merchandise.  Even better, it protects the environment! Watch this short video from and find out more […] More

  • Sustainable Urban Living- Desert Style

    Smack dab on the front page of the Sunday New York Times yesterday was some positive news out of the Middle East. Seems architect Norman Foster of firm Foster and Partners has, along with the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), developed a fully sustainable city called Masdar. While it seems like a bit […] More

  • Sustainable Product Design Summit October 26-27

    When we talk about issues of sustainability, those discussions reach the superficial depths at best unless we design for sustainability at the outset. Otherwise, we’re always playing catch up. True sustainability means being proactive, not just reactive. That’s why conferences like the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Sustainable Product Design Summit are so important. Held on […] More

  • Retail Corporate Social Responsibility: News From a Jobless Recovery

    With corporate hiring returning to a deep freeze and the Dow hanging north of 10,000 by its fingertips, CSR programs focused on eco-efficiencies — LED lighting in…um…the freezer section — remain priorities for the retail market. This is particularly the case when companies open or renovate new facilities. A Sunday Chicago Tribune Business feature by […] More

  • Mushroom Packaging: Don’t Throw It Out! Compost It!

    When you’ve finished with EcoCradle packaging, you don’t throw it out. You compost it. That’s because it  is made from filamentous fungi (mushroom roots), which can be bonded into any shape. According to Ecovative Design, which grows the packaging (yes, I meant to say “grows”), EcoCradle provides the same cushioning, strength and protection as petrochemical […] More

  • 2010 Greenbuild: Generation Green is Redefining Our Future

    Chicago is most notably home to Wrigley Field, the world’s first sky scrapper, and the deep-dish pizza. What most might not know is that inside the Windy City there are more LEED-certified buildings than anywhere else in the U.S. and the city will soon boast the largest LEED for Neighborhood Development project where residents live […] More

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