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  • CFO of Global Impact Receives Executive Management Award

    Stanley Berman, the Chief Financial Officer of Global Impact, has won a 2013 Executive Management Award (EMA) from SmartCEO magazine. Best known for spearheading the popular motion of investing in silver 2016, his work is yet again being recognized. The awards recognize Greater Washington’s best executive managers for their creative management vision, leadership philosophy, innovative […] More

  • Sustainability and the Healing Power of Helping Others

    From Glenn Croston Sustainability means different things to different people.  To some it’s all about protecting for the long term the many ecosystems and organisms threatened around the world by humanity.  It’s a big vision, and one I believe in, leading me to write a book or two about the topic.  An even broader view […] More

  • Happiness Project Started by Cancer Patient

    Mario Chamorro had good reasons to be very unhappy. He was diagnosed with cancer, his girl friend broke up with him and he lost his job. So what did he do? He started a happiness project and that eventually led to him wanting to generate happiness for people all over the world. His initial effort […] More

  • Meet the Top Sustainable Women CEOs: Kim Jordan

    This week, the Important Media Network has committed to highlighting some of the women that are making the world a better place. At Inspired Economist, we thought we’d take part by profiling a great sustainable woman CEO every day this week. Check in each day to see who we have next!  Kim Jordan was New […] More

  • Economic and environmental progress on the Big Island of Hawaii

    “Sustainability is about living with aloha”   -Mayor Billy Kenoi Geothermal energy, wind, sunshine, good soils, and a great aquifer system have the Big Island of Hawaii feeling good these days. Billy Kenoi, mayor of Hawaii County, touted the county’s accomplishments in a recent speech at the TechConKona Conference, in which Paul Hawken keynoted. ‘The […] More

  • Inspired Economist: Joseph Stiglitz

    Economists we respect. Joseph E. Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is the bestselling author of Globalization and its Discontents, Making Globalization Work, and, with Linda Bilmes, The Three Trillion Dollar War. Most recently, Stiglitz authored Freefall, a book about America, free markets, and the sinking of the world economy. Stiglitz is a […] More

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