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  • Can Deeds Succeed Where Words Failed? [video]

    Bill McKibben, the U.S. author and founder of the highly successful international climate campaign, is back with another event. This one is called 10/10/10 because it will take place on October 10 of 2010. It is described by McKibben as a “Global Work Party” where they are asking people to take personal and group […] More

  • YouTube Dedicates Homepage to Homelessness [video]

    At some point today, be sure to swing by YouTube’s homepage. The website spotlights homelessness with videos from for 24 hours. Mark Horvath created “to inspire people who live in tent cities, in shelters, and on sidewalks to share their stories on YouTube”. Mark’s mission and story are nothing short of inspiring. You […] More

  • Sustainability Impossible Without a Major Economic Meltdown [video]

    In Athens on June 11, 2010, Dr. Wayne Visser, Director of CSR International, interviewed John Elkington, Founder and Non-Executive Director of SustainAbility and Founding Partner and Director of Volans Ventures. During the interview, Elkington spoke about where he sees the sustainability and social enterprise agenda heading. I found a couple of his remarks interesting. In […] More

  • The Hospital That Heals The Earth (Part II)

    Federal Government Asks Fletcher Allen to Teach the Nation How to Scale Local Sourcing in Healthcare (Part II: Taking Local From Trendy to Essential) “The Hospital That Heals The Earth” is a two-part series on the intersection of sustainability innovation and healthcare at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vermont. Part 1 of the series […] More

  • “FUEL” for thought: We all have Responsibilities.

    I recently watched FUEL and thought:  Why have I not seen this before???  FUEL is a 2008 documentary on America’s dependence on foreign oil which explored a possible solution to the looming energy crisis.  I had three overwhelmingly strong and immediate responses from watching this film. First, we have some extremely intelligent and passionate people […] More

  • Can Grilled Cheese Save the World?

    Probably not, but it sure is delicious. All joking aside, college campuses have always been rife with awareness/activism, however the recent trends seems to be direct involvement in projects rather than simple awareness campaigns. Young people are becoming more interested social and environmental issues particularly in far-away places thanks to social media and online images/videos […] More

  • Going Beyond the Living Wage: Can Nobility Be Profitable?

    Knights Apparel CEO Joseph Bozich (pictured above in the firm’s Dominican Republic factory) doesn’t believe boosting market share and doing good are mutually exclusive.  In Sunday’s New York Times, business reporter Steven Greenhouse covers the firm’s newly acquired Dominican Republic apparel operation that makes t-shirts and sweats for American college and university bookstores. More

  • TEDGlobal 2010 Focuses on the Good News

    The TEDGlobal 2010 conference is underway in the city of Oxford. This year’s theme… And Now the Good News. I admire the positive direction TED has taken at their conference this year, because we have been bogged down with the never-ending “headlines of the political, economic and environmental woes facing the planet”. We sometimes forget […] More

  • Panera Bread Learns People Are Basically Good

    Panera Bread sets an example with its non-profit cafe and challenges other corporations to push their philanthropy beyond writing checks. Last month, I blogged about Panera Bread’s new non-profit cafe in St. Louis dubbed the St. Louis Bread Company Cares Cafe. The idea was simple… take whatever you want to eat or drink and instead […] More

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