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  • Understanding The CBD Ecosystem Approach

    The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is an international convention for protecting the diversity of life on Earth. As opposed to treaties focusing on individual species or biomes, this international treaty encompasses biodiversity on a global scale. It focuses on establishing a global network of protected natural areas, for the purpose of protecting natural capital at […] More

  • Seeing Past Fossil Fuels

    In recent weeks I have read a number of reports published on the BBC which look at energy issues. One article in particular by science editor David Shuckman caught my attention. It looked at how European countries might replace Russian Gas imports. In the wake of the Ukraine crisis and the possibility of tit for […] More

  • Moving Towards Global Unity

    The recent events in Ukraine have been described as the most serious international diplomatic incident to have occurred since the end of the cold war. To those familiar with the power politics of that earlier time, the signs are eerily familiar; a sovereign country being destabilised by the actions of two competing power blocks; an […] More

  • Nationalism and the Global Consensus

    Like most people I am proud of my culture. I was born in Scotland and spent the first 25 years of my life there. Although I now live happily in Canada, in many ways I still think of Scotland as being home. It is the landscape which shaped my perceptions of nature and beauty, the […] More

  • GoalZero & Barebones Match Purchase Dollars for Haiyan Relief

    Leading mobile solar equipment manufacturer Goal Zero Solar and their sister company Barebones (makers of greenhouses, tents, and more) have teamed up to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan to get their basic needs met: Four essential human needs: Power, shelter, water and food. These make up the four essential needs for human life. Both Goal […] More

  • Costa Rica Opens First Carbon Market in Latin America

    A new environmental bank, BANCO2, opened in Costa Rica this week: Costa Rica expects to sell 16 million tonnes of carbon credits over eight years on its new carbon exchange, Latin America’s first, a venue that allows polluters to offset their emissions with permits they can buy. Launched last month, the exchange provides a forum […] More

  • Slavery and the Shrimp Industry

    Forced Labor, Child Labor and Debt Bondage  The two words, “slavery” and “shrimp”, seem an unlikely combination, with little or no relevance to one another. In fact, the element of “modern-day slavery” in the processing of shrimp is something that has sparked a report from the Solidarity Center called, “The True Cost of Shrimp”. The […] More

  • Wind and Solar could be the backbone of the Egyptian Economy

    There are so many buzz words associated with the subject of climate change – eco-friendly, sustainable policies, global warming, CO2 emissions, green this and green that – the list goes on and on. Makes it hard sometimes to see the wood from the slash-and-burned trees in our ever-shrinking forests. Egypt is a country liable to […] More

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