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  • Fossil Fuel Divestment: Part I – Why and How

    The fossil fuel divestment movement is gaining momentum in religious organizations around the world. But there remains many large-scale religious groups (i.e. the Catholic Church), seminaries, universities, and individual houses of worship that still choose to pay polluters. Our sister site, EdenKeeper, recently published a series of two articles that show the necessity of divesting, address […] More

  • Free Guide to Investing Available for Father’s Day

    Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the well-known personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad, is giving away free downloads of his Guide to Investing through June 15th, in honor of Father’s Day. “Featuring real dialogue between Kiyosaki and his “rich dad” mentor from before the time Kiyosaki made his very first investment, Guide to Investing […] More

  • These Are the Best States for Investing in Solar

    If you’d like to put your money to work with renewable energy, solar power is a cost-competitive energy option that has the potential to pay green dividends, long after the initial investment has been made. Whether it’s investing your money through a solar investment marketplace such as Mosaic or a solar crowdfunding platform like Sunfunder, […] More

  • What Is Sustainability Investing?

    “Sustainability Investing is often referred to as Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Responsible Investing, Impact Investing, Ethical Investing, and Green Investing. It is closely linked to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics such as corporate governance, energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, employee turnover, and waste production.” – RobecoSAM More

  • Green Investing Options to Avoid the Carbon Bubble

    For green investors, or for those investors who want to divest from fossil fuel companies and focus on green investing, there are a couple of good options to consider when looking for places to put their money to work for them, while also supporting a more sustainable world. Silvio Marcacci, of our sister site CleanTechnica, […] More

  • Investment Bonds versus Other Investments

    The London Stock Exchange’s Order Book for Retail Bonds (ORB) was launched in February 2010 in order to provide private investors with easier access to tradable bonds. It’s deemed a transparent, efficient and cost-effective platform – across a wide range of UK fixed income securities. Companies that want to raise funding issue bonds which can […] More

  • Educating Students for the World of Tomorrow

    It is a question which is of concern to all high school students and to all parents of teenage children. What will I do after school? For some the choice will be obvious; they will have a desire to follow a certain career path, or to enter a specific field of study. However, the majority […] More

  • Investing in Oil Companies Could be a Risky Business

    For investors, oil companies have historically been a good bet, but that may be changing, as new statistics reveal that investing in oil companies may not be the best strategy anymore. When it comes to factors such as the amount of money it takes to maintain the levels of legacy crude oil production (which is […] More

  • World Record Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Tallest Skyscraper in Colombia

    [This article was written by Alex Hayes and originally published by Mosaic.] The largest successful crowdfunding campaign in history just raised over $200 million, from 3,800 backers, for an ambitious project to build the tallest skyscraper in Colombia. The BD Bacatá is a skyscraper funded on the Prodigy Network, a crowdfunding platform. Once complete, the […] More

  • Our gift to you: $25 to start investing in clean energy!

    Want to get started investing in solar energy? Our friends over at Mosaic, the leading solar energy investment platform, are generously giving away $25 to new investment accounts that sign up through our link (we don’t receive any money from this, and it isn’t an affiliate link, just a holiday gift). “Mosaic connects investors to […] More

  • Just Released: Guide to Early-Stage Global Impact Investing

    For impact investors interested in funding early-stage social enterprises, there’s a new comprehensive guide available to help develop an effective investment strategy, as well as to serve as a guide for best utilizing capital in the service of not just profits, but also social good. The new e-guide from Toniic and Duke University’s CASE i3, […] More

  • Invest in solar for community institutions with Crowd Solar

    Investors can help community institutions save money, reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, and become more resilient, by helping to fund solar installations at schools, libraries, or local nonprofit organizations with Crowd Solar. By investing money in solar for community institutions at places that do good in the community, it’s a win/win situation, as the […] More

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