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  • Water Investing: There’s an App for That

    For the responsible investor who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of water issues and the market trends shaping water sustainability, a new app could provide the leverage that makes all the difference. The Water Investing app, from Calvert Investments, aims to give investors and stakeholders a leg up on understanding the issues […] More

  • Swedish Women-Only Cooperative Invests in Wind Energy

    In a world full of sole proprietorships, corporations, and LLCs, it’s helpful to remember that there are other viable business models that can also succeed, such as cooperatives, which can come in flavors as diverse as farm equipment co-ops, credit unions, or cooperative housing. In many parts of the US, food cooperatives are probably the […] More

  • Investing With Social Consciousness

    A complex issue of conscience faces many in the world of business economics and investing. Despite the stereotypical view of many, believing in the facts of climate change and having a regard for the vital importance of environmentally sound practices does not automatically mean that one wishes to roll back 2000 years of technological progress […] More

  • Sustainable Economics: Tim Jackson gives a reality check

    If you read Inspired Economist, you’re well aware that our economic model based entirely on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is flawed and is driving us over the edge of a cliff. Growth, traditionally, has been measured only by transactions. The more transactions worth more money, the more the gross domestic product, the better. But of […] More

  • University endowment divestment from fossil fuel stocks: effective?

    A growing movement called “Go Fossil Free” at colleges across America is pushing University Endowment managers to divest from fossil fuel stocks. Currently, over 300 colleges, 74 cities and states, and several religious institutions are participating, meaning that they’ve moved their investment portfolios that support their endowments entirely away from coal, natural gas, petroleum, and […] More

  • Organic Fertilizer Company Receives $500,000 Loan from RSF Social Finance

    The organic fertilizer company EcoScraps has received a $500,000 loan from RSF Social Finance, a financial services organization that provides funding for nonprofits and social enterprises. The loan will help EcoScraps, a three-year-old company that makes organic, chemical- and manure-free lawn and garden products, expand its network of waste management partnerships and increase its exposure […] More

  • The 44th President – Global Investments

    Four more years in the White House and Barack Obama reckons ‘the best is yet to come’. Does the market support his optimism? Can investors find opportunities to shelter from the storm? The re-election of the 44th President of the United States has never been more significant to global investment understanding. While in some quarters […] More

  • Crowdfunding strategies for social entrepreneurs

    This is a great panel discussion about crowdfunding strategies in order to get a social-mission-driven company started (or a project developed). Jeff from Sustainablog hosted Tinia from Re-Nuble and Jen & Nick from TriplePundit, both of whom are doing crowdfunding campaigns at the moment, to talk about what’s going right, and what’s going wrong, with […] More

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