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  • Consumers Will Punish Brands for False Environmental Claims

    After all the effort marketers are putting into communicating their green claims, a new study shows that consumers — American consumers at least — continue to misunderstand phrases commonly used in environmental marketing and advertising. Often, this gives products a greater “green halo” than they may deserve. At the same time, these same consumers are […] More

  • Whole Foods Announces Animal Welfare Rating System

    Today, Whole Foods has announced in a press release the adoption of a five-step animal welfare rating system in partnership with the NGO Global Animal Partnership. The system is designed to provide consumers with incentives to purchase animal proteins from sources that are constantly committed to improving the conditions of farmed and ranched animals. The […] More

  • Has Wal-Mart Become More Influential than the FDA?

    UPDATED — 10:59am CT… Michelle Obama has now officially endorsed Wal-Mart’s plan. Today, Wal-Mart has made yet another strident announcement, this time trumpeting a five-year strategy to increase the volume of healthy foods sold in its stores. The nation’s largest grocery retailer will aim to reduce the levels of sugar, salt and fats in thousands […] More

  • End the Witch Hunt for Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Microfinance

    There’s no doubt that the news from Andhra Pradesh, India about indebtedness crippling microfinance clients is troubling. SKS, India’s largest microfinance bank, raised cash last year by selling shares at 95 times their initial value. And now comes an increased chorus from politicians in Andhra Pradesh about fraud, corruption and impoverishment linked to SKS — […] More

  • Great Environmental News of 2010: Chesapeake Bay Recovering?

    In a year where most mainstream media outlets have proclaimed the BP oil spill to be the country’s largest story, it was a relief to receive yesterday’s news from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation that the Bay’s Blue Crab population is up modestly. The 2010 State of the Bay Report tracks environmental quality in America’s largest […] More

  • Republicans Ridicule Capitol Greening Plan — But Keep It Anyway

    Our GOP fiscal deficit saviors have decided that a Democratic effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the US Capitol (and save money on utilities) will be on the chopping block come January. The Washington Post is reporting that a facilities greening led by outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is unlikely to receive the public […] More

  • Deloitte Strikes Green and Hopes for Gold

    Yet another blue chip US management services firm has decided to acquire its way into the sustainability services marketplace. Deloitte announced today in a press release that it had obtained the rights and services of two boutique, yet respected sustainability consulting firms, DOMANI Sustainability Consulting, LLC and ClearCarbon Consulting, Inc. Some interesting highlights from the […] More

  • The Microcredit Industry May Need a Bailout

    Believe it or not, this is not some twisted April Fool’s Day joke, but as highlighted in today’s New York Time article “India Microcredit Faces Collapse From Defaults”, is something that is actually taking place in India and could potentially be akin to the sub-prime crisis in the United States. This is clearly terrible news […] More

  • Can $15 Trillion in Assets Galvanize UN Climate Talks in Cancun?

    Bloomberg News is reporting that a coalition of international investors led by Deutsche Banke AG and the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CALPERS) are calling for global policy action at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, November 29-December 10. The statement, which is being curated by Ceres, warns that continued weak US […] More

  • Starbucks Corporation, Recipient of the “Green to Gold Award”

    PITTSBURGH – PA:  Starbucks Corporation was presented the “Green to Gold Award” by Duquesne University’s Beard Institute today at the Fourth Annual Beard Symposium on Sustainability.  The Symposium, entitled, “Sustainability: The Changing Ground Rules,” addressed best-practices from sustainable organizations that have gone beyond compliance, how an integrated sustainability strategy boosts profitability and competitive advantage; and […] More

  • There’s an Oil Spill in Greenpoint, Brooklyn?

    For three decades BP, ExxonMobil and Chevron have been slowly cleaning up a giant oil spill trapped beneath the ground in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint, New York.  CNN Senior Correspondent, Allan Chernoff, reported that BP, Exxon Mobil and Chevron did not directly spill most of the oil; they inherited their respective properties in Greenpoint from predecessor […] More

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