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  • Strategically Aware Investing: Do We Really Need Another Acronym?

    The world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Reporting is not always easy to navigate.  It is heavily laden with definitions that often overlap, yet their users (or opponents) attempt to keep them distinct.  I always thought this peculiar.  If a company is concerned with reporting […] More

  • San Francisco Attempting to Ban Happy Meal Toys

    Most Americans are aware of the fact that San Francisco is known as one of the more progressive towns in the Unites States. In attempt to uphold that title, policy makers in the city are hoping to get mayor Gavin Newsom on board as they attempt to ban toys in Happy Meals in order to […] More

  • Putting 100% Compostable Packaging to the Test

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve written about SunChips’ 100% compostable chip bag and Boulder Canyon’s 100% compostable bag, both of which are made from different materials. The SunChips’ bag is loud as a firecracker, while Boulder Canyon’s has a softer sound, like the crunching of a paper bag. Maybe that’s because it’s made from […] More

  • Does Corporate Social Responsibility Simply Reframe Friedman, Smith?

    Dr. Aneel Karnani Dr. Aneel Karnani, whose August WSJ op/ed (“The Case Against Corporate Social Responsibility”) argued that CSR has no relevance in today’s global business world, was provided with an ample opportunity yesterday to clarify his thesis along with a panel of CSR experts and business journalists. “CSR and the Role of Business Today” […] More

  • Tonight in New Orleans — Here’s to a Sustainable Pigskin Season

    It’s been a significant day of news in the sustainable business world with the announcement of the latest updates to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (hello, Morgan Stanley; better luck next year, Shell). But it’s an important day for CSR in aspirational terms for another blue chip corporation, The National Football League (NFL). That’s right: […] More

  • Banks Are Increasingly Doing Environmental Due Dilligence

    The New York Times is reporting that major multinational banks are growing weary of delivering debt to industrial extraction projects, such as mountaintop removal coal mining in West Virginia. The piece looks at a recent policy shift by Wells Fargo in providing financing for coal projects: “In the most recent example, the banking giant Wells […] More

  • Retail Corporate Social Responsibility: News From a Jobless Recovery

    With corporate hiring returning to a deep freeze and the Dow hanging north of 10,000 by its fingertips, CSR programs focused on eco-efficiencies — LED lighting in…um…the freezer section — remain priorities for the retail market. This is particularly the case when companies open or renovate new facilities. A Sunday Chicago Tribune Business feature by […] More

  • Green ways to keep Lake Tahoe Blue

    If you have never had the chance to visit Lake Tahoe, please add it to your top 10 of U.S. sites that are a must see.  Lucky to have had a reason to visit this summer, I was shocked by just how blue Lake Tahoe really is!  But as it turns out, it’s not as […] More

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