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  • Cape Cod Bay Wind Farm Moves Forward

    Its been quite a long and drawn out fight, but Massachusetts has approved a deal between Cape Farm and National Grid to enter into a 15-year contract to purchase the energy provided by the turbines. This is especially interesting for two reasons, one because this battle has been going on for quite some time, with […] More

  • Starbucks and the World of Fair Trade

    Fair trade continually interests me. It’s a great example of a development “policy” that at first glance, seems perfect. Companies (generally in foodstuffs like coffee or cocoa, but clothing and related items as well), basically agree to set the prices of the goods they purchase at a higher than market price in order to provide […] More

  • The Push to Standardize CSR Metrics Continues

    It’s unlikely that anyone’s ever cited the UN as a first mover or an organization that leads the way in international policy, but one cannot deny it’s clout. Just last week UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) presented the Investment and Enterprise Responsibility Review at the World Investment Forum in Xiamen, China. The […] More

  • Ohio Takes on California in a Winter Produce Gambit

    Yesterday I took a little bit of a swipe at Bon Appétit Management’s cage-free SHELL egg commitment asking whether or not such move could push the $590 billion commercial food-service market to raise animal welfare standards nationally. Today Bon Appétit (BAMCO) is back in the news with a compelling initiative that preserves summer produce for […] More

  • What Coca-Cola Can Do to Your Brand

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece on the minority stake that Coca-Cola had taken in Honest Tea. As a follow up to a New York Times small business case study, the article looked at how a small business built on specific social and environmental standards would fair with investment from a large beverage […] More

  • Walmart and Seventh Generation Join Forces to Bring Sustainable Products to the Masses

    Indeed, sustainable business makes for strange bedfellows. Just this week, Seventh Generation announced it will soon offer its environmentally-friendly products in more than 1500 Walmart stores nationwide and on And according to Treehugger, this is a complete about-face for the “esteemed nontoxic, enviro-friendly household product maker”. Not so long ago, Seventh Generation refused to […] More