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  • As if BP’s oil spill never happened

    Put aside the giant lie that helped Mitt Romney score political points in the last debate about the supposed $90 billion Obama has invested in green energy (actual figure: 1/3 of that), or the 50% of the companies invested in having gone out of business (actual figure: 1%). Even if, as many political pundits put […] More

  • Whoppers about “green energy”

    Seldom in the history of politics has “truth” been a steadfast policy, but that does not excuse Mitt Romney’s debate performance last Wednesday, which has been dubbed “a field day for fact-checkers” by National Public Radio for the sheer number and depth of extreme distortions he spun for the American people. Jeremy Bloom of Red, […] More

  • Federal Trade Commission cracks down on Greenwashing

    SC Johnson, maker of Windex, might have tossed the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back in relation to greenwashing. SC Johnson was sued by consumer activists over their “Green List” label, which they placed on products that had no verifiable sustainability credentials. Trouble was, it looked like a 3rd party, independent label that *did* […] More

  • The Economics of GMOs

    A group called Stop Costly Food Labeling (SCFL) is fighting Prop 37, California’s ballot initiative that would require genetically engineered food (GMOs) to be labeled as such. The group, mainly funded by biotech companies and GMO food distributors, is pouring millions of dollars into the campaign, begging the question: what are the economics of GMOs? […] More

  • SHOCKING NEWS: Tax Cuts for the Wealthy Only Help the Wealthy

    Yes, yes…another day, another incredibly well-executed, painstakingly researched, critically-praised study published that just flies in the face of everything Republicans blindly promote at the urge of their billionaire overlords believe in. Ready for the big surprise? Tax cuts for the rich don’t help the economy.   They make the rich richer and promote income inequality. As […] More

  • The Anniversary Party

    Happy Anniversary, American Jobs Act! It was just a year ago Saturday that Obama introduced you to congress, and the country.  As the economy continued to sputter along (albeit, in a positive direction) following the 2008-2009 crisis and the emergency injection of funding from the Stimulus Act, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle came […] More

  • Republicans Fail Basic Math

    No one’s saying that its never been better. No one’s saying that Obama waved a magic wand and made it all alright. No one’s saying that our economy has never been stronger, that we can all now relax and ease on into an era of unprecedented prosperity and comfort… But the republicans need a better […] More

  • The Effect of Election 2012 on Your Taxes

    With the election 2 months away, both Democrats and Republicans are spending the majority of their time trying to sway the last remaining undecided voters (as well as rallying their bases, of course). Both political parties are now fully embracing the idea that they and their policies are the best for the middle class. Rhetoric […] More

  • Midwestern farmers, facing drought, see a future in wind farms

    The worst drought in recent history is making life uncomfortable for many farmers across America’s grain belt. While the diminishing supply of corn has sent the prices of corn skyward, livestock farmers and those farmers not lucky enough to have a crop at all this year have really suffered. Some progressive farmers have already diversified, […] More

  • Mitt Romney announces his first policy plan if elected President

    With attacks on his record as a vulture capitalist seeming to have an effect, and after his “Listen and learn” trip to England and Israel that was supposed to make him look presidential, but instead turned into a “insert foot in mouth” trip, GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s popularity appears to be waning. He managed to […] More

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