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  • Should We Put a Price on Nature to Save it?

    The first World Forum on Natural Capital was held in Edinburgh, Scotland last November. This comes at a time when there is increasing interest in the idea that we need to place a value on the services that nature provides us with for free if we are to prevent further environmental degradation. The conference attracted […] More

  • The Power to Change the Economy from Within

    When we look at how our market economy affects the environment, it appears that all common sense goes out the window. According to the prevailing economic wisdom, it makes perfect sense for us to clear vast swathes of tropical rainforest to make way for oil palm plantations and soya beans, to pursue the last few […] More

  • Demographic Transitions in the 21st Century

    One of the critical challenges for the next century is the need to stabilise, and ultimately to reduce the number of human beings on this planet. We are already by far the most abundant large animal on Earth, and our sheer numbers, combined with our extremely wasteful use of resources, is putting increasing strain on […] More

  • Why Should Businesses Invest in Natural Capital?

    The subject of natural capital, and natural capital accounting, is a divisive one. On one side, proponents of the practice believe that it’s an important piece of the sustainability puzzle, by enabling businesses to “gain insight into their environmental impacts, normalized to a common monetary unit.” On the other hand, detractors of natural capital accounting […] More

  • Does Natural Capital Accounting Put Nature on Sale?

    At first glance, natural capital accounting appears to be a valid step for businesses in the movement toward a more sustainable future, as it’s said to help those businesses gain a better understanding of their environmental impacts, by normalizing them into a monetary unit, which can be measured and tracked. However, according to Food & […] More

  • Sustainable Fisheries Toolkit Launched by EDF

    The largest natural resource on our planet, the ocean, is in serious danger of being depleted of some of its stock, which could have a major impact on those who depend on seafood and other products from the sea for food and for their livelihood. “Overfishing is one of the most urgent problems facing the […] More

  • World Forum on Natural Capital Reframes Nature as Solution

    How can we move away from business as usual, with all of the weight of its negative externalities and unintended consequences, and further toward a more sustainable world? One answer might lie in trying to focus more on natural capital, and less on financial capital, and an upcoming event could be an inspiring source for […] More

  • Bad Bad Packaging

    I can’t help myself! I review the shopping venues shelves, such as my local supermarket and Walmart, to investigate what manufacturers are doing to make the packaging of their products more sustainable. I have to admit that I focus on the negative. I really notice the packaging tragedies, and cringe to see just how bad […] More

  • Iron Edison Provides Viable Storage Solutions for Solar or Wind

    I learned about Iron Edison last July when I posted this story on Clean Technica. I was impressed because owners Brandon Williams and his wife offer “off-gridders” and others a viable energy storage solution that allows many renewable plants run on a 24/7 basis. And since the storage question remains one of the fundamental drawbacks […] More

  • The Glaring Need for a Sustainability Info-rum

    As consumer demand increases for green products and companies continue to embrace sustainability as a business strategy, it’s glaringly apparent that there is going to be a need for solid, data-driven information that can help companies make smart decisions. The Fortune 500 has started adding the Chief Sustainability Officer as an official C-suite position, but […] More

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