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  • Sudan: Open for Business?

    As most people are aware these days, Sudan, a country that has undergone so much hardship since it became Africa’s (geographically) largest country on January 1, 1956 is on the cusp of splitting into two. A complex issue anyway one looks at it, with economic and cultural concerns at the forefront. However, for a continent […] More

  • The Continuing Saga of Conflict Diamonds and the Kimberley Process

    Previously, I’ve written about conflict minerals in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and US efforts to curtail their sales (parts I and II), as well as the repercussions of companies doing indirect business in countries where direct business is forbidden by the US government. So, it only make sense that this article takes […] More

  • Free Webinar: Are You a Positive Deviant for Sustainability?

    How can you do the right thing for sustainability while inspiring and enabling others to do the same? This free Webinar will discuss the habits of thought and principles of practice for making sustainability-literate decisions. What’s cool is that this Webinar isn’t for the super-initiated. It’s for anyone at any level of an organization and […] More

  • Green ways to keep Lake Tahoe Blue

    If you have never had the chance to visit Lake Tahoe, please add it to your top 10 of U.S. sites that are a must see.  Lucky to have had a reason to visit this summer, I was shocked by just how blue Lake Tahoe really is!  But as it turns out, it’s not as […] More

  • Measuring Social Value: Can subjectivity guide real decisions?

    Whether you are a social enterprise, NGO (non-governmental organization), non-profit, policy-maker or an investor interested in a quantifiable social return on your investment, measuring social value remains an elusive goal. A new article by Geoff Mulgan suggests a new approach in measuring social value that calls for collaboration across sectors. In a recent collaborative project […] More

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