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  • Economic dangers of oil reliance

    The small town of Lac-Magentic in the Quebec province of Canada is ablaze over a full day after a driverless train carrying 72 tankers of oil derailed and exploded in the downtown area. At least one casualty has been reported, with police and officials indicating that the death toll will likely continue to rise. The […] More

  • Solar Panels & Resale Value: Is There An Effect?

    Generally speaking, putting solar on your home is a good investment. But what if you’re planning to sell? Are homebuyers willing to up the ante for a home with solar panels? According to some recent studies, the answer is an overwhelming yes. The first study, by the Lawrence Berkeley Lab, looked at home resale statistics […] More

  • Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness: a Model for other countries?

    Most economies around the world measure their prosperity and progress using a metric economists call the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. It is measured by tracking economic activity on, well, everything. GDP is equal to the sum of the price of all goods and services sold in the country at any given time. We’ve argued […] More

  • How much of your taxes go to war?

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited til the last minute to do, and pay, your taxes. (I had far more important things to do, like write an April Fools post about Monsanto inserting rabbit DNA into human babies to eliminate their tear duct and get them to quit crying all the darn time). When […] More

  • What is a carbon tax? And could it work?

    It seems a perfect storm of events has lined itself up to create a political environment that *should* push forward a carbon tax. Will it happen, what would it do, and could it work? Let’s start with a quick definition. A carbon tax, in its simplest form, is simply a tax on polluting carbon emissions. […] More

  • Turtle Bay Resort: a sustainable place to host an event?

    Oahu’s recent Wanderlust Festival provided yoginis the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of the yoga world’s biggest names: Shiva Rae, Baron Baptiste, Shakti Sunfire, Eion Finn and Michael Franti were fixtures in the festivities. Given the yoga crowd’s penchant for mindfulness, organic foods, and all things green, the choice of location for such […] More

  • The Economic Argument Against GMOs: a Top Ten List

    Ask an economist to give an opinion about any controversial subject in society, and they’ll turn to the data and start digging for answers. While I’ve covered the economics of GMOs in the past, Dr. Vandana Shiva, on a recent visit by the visionary sustainability guru to my home state of Hawaii, opened my eyes to […] More

  • Why the Jewelry Supply Chain is Becoming More Transparent

    A guest post by Gregory Krauss of Brilliant Earth, a brand The Inspired Economist loves. Brilliant Earth is  a purveyor of socially responsible, conflict free jewelry With today being Valentine’s Day, one of the most popular days of the year for marriage proposals, Inspired Economist asked us to take a closer look at how socially-conscious […] More

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