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  • Capstrat Study: Consumers Will Pay More for Green

    A national Capstrat-Public Policy Polling survey found that 59% of consumers consider a product’s environmental sustainability to be “very important” in their buying decisions. And 56% noted they would pay “a little” to “significantly” more for a product that was environmentally friendly. Yet — in a mystifying donut hole between opportunity and realization — nearly […] More

  • Certified Organic Turkey Market Up 4,000% Since 2000

    While agricultural experts and other environmental policymakers still debate the overall merits of organic produce and livestock versus their conventional counterparts, Americans are eating more organic turkeys. According to a USDA data set, certified organic acreage for turkey production was up over 4,000% between 2000-2008. Although this accounts for only 0.15% of overall turkey acreage […] More

  • 2010 Trends Report: Socially Responsible Assets Grow Despite Financial Crisis

    Concerns have been raised that consideration of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues in investment decision-making could suffer in the aftermath of the financial crisis and the lingering economic recession, however the 2010 Trends Report published by Social Investment Forum (SIF) indicates that this is not the case.  In fact, growth in sustainable assets outpaced […] More

  • Did Excessive Executive Compensation Play a Role in the Current Economic Crisis?

    A new Institute for Policy Studies report, Executive Excess 2010: CEO Pay and the Great Recession, examines the role of excessive executive compensation in the current economic crisis.  Co-authors Sarah Anderson, Chuck Collins, Sam Pizzigati and Kevin Shih‘s report includes an interesting finding on the compensation of the top layoff leaders and encourages principles for executive pay that promotes economic […] More

  • The Hospital That Heals The Earth (Part II)

    Federal Government Asks Fletcher Allen to Teach the Nation How to Scale Local Sourcing in Healthcare (Part II: Taking Local From Trendy to Essential) “The Hospital That Heals The Earth” is a two-part series on the intersection of sustainability innovation and healthcare at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vermont. Part 1 of the series […] More

  • The Hospital That Heals The Earth (Part I)

    Vermont Hospital Wants To Be The Greenest Health Care Facility in the US — And Makes a Convincing Case (Part I: Mainstreaming Sustainability) Sustainability, clean energy investment, green jobs and health care reform have all been resounding themes of the first 18 months of the Obama administration.  But rarely do we conceive of healthcare reform […] More

  • Marketing Green: Are You Walking the Walk?

    Businesses marketing themselves as “green” are not using environmentally-responsible marketing materials. Earlier this month, a survey released in conjunction with Canadian Environment Week (May 31 to June 5), showed that more than half of businesses marketing themselves aren’t walking the walk — at least not in their marketing materials. The survey, conducted by traffic marketing […] More

  • New Study Ranks Countries by Environmental Impact

    Three universities collaborate to release an evaluation of the relative environmental impact of 228 countries. Ever wonder which countries are killing the planet and which countries are not. Researchers from the University of Adelaide, the National University of Singapore and Princeton University wondered the same thing. Earlier this month, they published an interesting study ranking […] More

  • Report: Greening Print Marketing: A Practical Guide

    I hope you’ll indulge me and let me get on my soap box for a minute. I recently released a new report in my Marketer’s Primer Series, “Greening Print Marketing: A Practical Guide.” One of the most surprising pieces of feedback I’ve gotten from printers is, “My clients don’t care anymore.” With all the media […] More

  • What Do Consumers Really think of Energy Star?

    A new EcoPinion report was released this week on consumer perceptions of the “Energy Star” brand for energy efficiency. The report contends that Energy Star is one of the few credible brands in the energy efficiency space, so there is a lot riding on its continued success and relevance, not the least of which are […] More

  • Green: Mainstream, Sticky, but Not Deep

    What is the current state of the consumer on the issue of green products? Grail Research, which recently conducted a survey of 500 consumers on issues related to the purchase of green products, refers to green as mainstream and sticky, but not deep. According to the study, “The Green Revolution” (September 2009), 84% of consumers […] More

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