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  • Stevia Helps US Lose Weight & Quit Smoking, Too

    As more Americans quit smoking, estranged tobacco farmers are coping with their grief by switching to growing domestic stevia, instead. Approved for commercial use in the U.S. five years ago, stevia extracts are fast becoming the more popular choice of sugar substitutes in America. Although most stevia is currently grown in China and South America, […] More

  • IKEA Expands Solar Sales to Eight New Countries

    IKEA Group lately announced it will expand its residential solar sales from Britain into the Netherlands and Switzerland before the end of this year. The offer will expand to a further 6 countries within the coming 18 months. “We know that our customers want to save energy and live more sustainably at home,” said Peter Agnefjäll, […] More

  • Jean Tirole Wins 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics (and Why)

    Jean Tirole is the 2014 winner of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Tirole, of Toulouse 1 Capitole University in France, has been awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences “for his analysis of market power and regulation.” A Nobel Prize for Sowing Seeds of Corporate Social Responsibility […] More

  • Recycling Flip Flops From the Ocean Shores of Kenya

    The world’s oceans are vast, floating dumps for plastic pollution. Without a serious plan for cleaning up the world’s oceans, this situation is dire and becoming worse every day. With a goal of retrieving and recycling 400,000 flip flops a year from the coast of Kenya, one small start-up in Nairobi is making a big […] More

  • TripAdvisor Green Travel Program Expands Into Canada & Europe

    Today’s travel decisions are not just about where to go and how to get there. Environmental factors color our decisions, and we prefer them in cool shades of green. More hotels and B&Bs are addressing the concerns of travelers by meeting our need for environmentally responsible places to stay while traveling. And now, thanks to […] More

  • New Belgium Celebrates Patagonia’s 40th Anniversary with Organic Lager

    What better way to help celebrate four decades of responsible business than to partner up with another principled company to produce a premium organic beer? In celebration of Patagonia‘s 40th Anniversary, and their longtime commitment to purchasing organic cotton for their clothing lines, New Belgium Brewery produced a special run of an organic beer, dubbed […] More

  • Consumer Greendex: A Sustainable Consumption Index

    If we base our opinions about the state of sustainable consumption on the number of so-called green products and services on the market, we might believe that everyone’s going green, or at least has somewhat of an interest in it. But when it comes to actually making greener choices, what is the real state of […] More

  • How to Read a Sustainability Report

    [Originally published by Marc Gunther at] Corporate sustainability reports have been around since … well, it’s hard to say.  The first report may have been published by “companies in the chemical industry with serious image problems” in the 1980s, or by Ben & Jerry’s in 1989 or Shell in 1997. No matter — since […] More

  • Online Natural Capital Management System Launched

    When considering the impacts that companies have on the world, both the positives and the negatives, it’s not enough to look at just the balance sheets or other financial reports. Sure, it’s important to have a strong financial base for a company, but that only tells part of the story. Looking at the corporate social […] More

  • Using Crowdfunding to tell Fair Trade and Supply Chain Stories

    How can Fair Trade companies tell their story in a way that’s transparent, honest, and informative? If this crowdfunded campaign is successful, it might be as easy as giving people a single, consumer-friendly point of entry for all Fair Trade organizations and companies, either on the web or via an app. “Many consumers want to […] More

  • The Story of Sustainable Solutions

    What does a game-changing sustainable solution to our overly-consumptive and wasteful lifestyle look like? Could it be aiming for “better” rather than “more”? Annie Leonard, of The Story of Stuff fame, has a new video out, this time focusing on solutions and exploring how we can move our economy toward a more sustainable end, beginning […] More

  • IKEA Launches Sustainability Strategy: People & Planet Positive

    The darling of home owners and apartment dwellers alike, IKEA has brought Euro-style and flat-pack home furnishings to the masses, and now they’re set to redefine their business with a focus on sustainability. “We want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. For many years we’ve focused on economizing with resources and […] More

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