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  • Bad Bad Packaging

    I can’t help myself! I review the shopping venues shelves, such as my local supermarket and Walmart, to investigate what manufacturers are doing to make the packaging of their products more sustainable. I have to admit that I focus on the negative. I really notice the packaging tragedies, and cringe to see just how bad […] More

  • Options for Serial Entrepreneurs

    Business startups are one of the most important parts of the world economy. Accordingly, most entrepreneurs state their ultimate goals as owning their own business. But the reality is running a business is complex, risky, exhausting, and does not necessarily HAVE to be the immediate end-goal for every actionable idea you seek to monetize. There are other […] More

  • Private Wealth vs Common Wealth | Building a Sustainable Economy

    Private wealth.. what’s that all about? Well it’s easy to explain.  It wealth, that is to say assets and money, which is owned and controlled by a private individual or privately owned organisation for their private gain.  Easy. What about common wealth, what’s that?  Well it’s sort of the opposite, where assets and money are […] More

  • The Trouble with Money | Building a Sustainable Economy

    Money.  It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in modern economic theory around and a huge barrier to building a sustainable economy. Not because there’s anything intrinsically wrong with money, but how economists have come to view it does no-one (or very few people) any favours. Here’s the problem: you mention economics and everyone assumes you […] More

  • New EU Law Promotes More Efficient Aircraft Emissions, Stirs Controversy

    Despite good intentions about contributing to a healthier environment, the European Union recently enforced a law that heavily restricts aircraft emissions, and has subsequently been met with tremendous opposition. The law essentially requires all aircraft operators touching down or taking off in Europe to offer a permit that illustrates the craft’s emissions levels throughout the entire […] More

  • Mandatory CSR spending a step closer

    Mandatory CSR spending moved a step closer this week after and announcement by the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs that it had received no objections to the controversial Clause 135 of the Companies Bill 2011.  This helps clear the way for the bill to become law sometime next year. Clause 135 states that all businesses […] More

  • Ten Cool Things GM Have Done To Reduce Waste

    In October, General Motors published a blueprint for companies to follow to reduce their waste going to landfill.  Buried within it are ten cool things GM has done to reduce its own landfill waste.  These are: Converting 227 miles of oil soaked booms from the Deepwater Horizon disaster into air deflectors for the Chevvy Volt.  […] More

  • Planned Obsolescence and the Bic Effect – Part 6

    In short order the name of Bic was equated with the rising popularity of inexpensive disposable products – a n emerging trend. The list of wares ran the gamut, from razors to disposable cameras. Unlike Brooke Stevens’ adage involving a product that was newer and slightly better, the world of disposables simply involved low cost and the ability to produce at a massive scale. More

  • Unplanned Obsolescence & the Texas Back Roads: Part 5

    Best intentions aside, there is no economy here, just the imagination that someone brushed on canvas some time ago. In one quaint town, the doors of the small restaurant are locked shut; it is the same at the hardware store and gas station on the corner. The remaining clothing store with an “Open” sign in the window must be run by wealthy hobbyists in need of a write off or by one of the few churches that’s still open. More

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