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  • Canada’s Clean Coal Concept

    Wednesday, Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced his government’s most recent plan for eliminating CO2 emissions. The Canadian government hopes to phase out electrical generation by modern coal technology in favor of carbon capture and storage (CCS) – the much debated and as yet unproven “clean coal” concept – nuclear power, and other, renewable sources of energy. More

  • Van Jones, Re:visionary

    Van Jones is a rising star in the green economy. As the founding President of Green for All, he is a doer. As the author of “The Green Collar Economy” he is a spokesperson and advocate. But he is actually much more than that. He’s actually Innovation 3.0. More

  • It’s Time to Get Smart. Smart Grid Technology Proposed for MA

    Legacy electricity grids, the current distribution systems used for a century in the US, are highly inefficient…7%, never makes it to the user, lost at the transmission and distribution levels…..Environmentalists and others have been pushing for smart-grid technology for over a decade because it will enable consumers to use less electricity and benefit the environment. More

  • Economy Down. Green Spending Up By Fortune 500

    Heartening news for purveyors of green. Sustainable Brands Weekly reports: Eighty percent of corporate sustainability executives in the Fortune 500 plan to maintain or increase their budgets in 2009 – despite today’s down market, according to a new survey. As we discussed in this piece on How To Cut Your Costs And Make Your Package […] More

  • SMS to the Rescue: Text messaging bridges the Digital Divide

    According to Walter Stahel — one of the founders of the sustainability movement and original thinkers behind the Cradle-to-Cradle design philosophy – social ecology is one of the five pillars of sustainability. He defined social ecology as encompassing “…the fabric of societal structures, including peace and human rights, dignity and democracy, employment and social integration, […] More

  • Is There a Green Upside to the Economic Meltdown?

    The economic meltdown could be good news for the area of clean energy investing, according to Steven Fraser, a senior lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the recently published “Wall Street: America’s Dream Palace.” Fraser believes that backlash to the recent economic crisis will result in a new era of enlightened regulation and investment akin to Roosevelt’s New Deal, which helped America climb out of the Great Depression. Fraser offered these opinions in a recent interview on WHYY’s Fresh Air program.

  • The Steady State Economy: A New Financial Architecture

    An introduction to the Steady State Economy. Should this be the way globalisation goes? Read the article then add your thoughts below. Previous posts in the “New Economic Architecture Required” series have looked at Wealth & Value, Money & Debt and Growth & Competition. What these very brief analyses have shown is that we, the […] More

  • Growing Food to Feed Cars Will Continue to Drive Up the Price of Food

    As the demand for biofuels increases, so too will food prices around the world.  The U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s recent report notes that “the historic linkages between agriculture and the energy sector are becoming stronger and are changing in character.  Biofuel demand will continue to exercise upward pressure on agricultural prices for considerable time to […] More

  • What Is the The Value of Water: An Online Debate By The Economist

    While we all know that there is no free lunch, reality is that very soon there might be no free water either. As both an industrial input and a prerequisite of life, water has become extremely scarce for roughly a billion people who do not have a constant supply of clean and safe water, so the issue is of extreme importance.

    On September 30th, The Economist started a two-week long Oxford-style online debate on the value of water.

    The proposition: “This house believes that water, as a scarce resource, should be priced according to its market value.” More

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