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  • Obama Makes Federal Clean Energy Commitments (Again)

    With US gas prices returning to the previous shock levels–Summer of 2008–President Obama responded to the pressure with a speech today at Georgetown University, just a few miles west of the White House. The Energy Department reports that prices at the pump are up 15% for the year since February 7, which is undoubtedly causing […] More

  • Obama Administration Tacking on Climate Change Strategy

    It’s been three days since the State of the Union, and while myriad pundits have already weighed in on the substance (the President averaged a C+) and style (B) of the address, a key issue that was once a campaign promise has evaporated into the cold Washington night: climate change policy. Mr. Obama did indeed […] More

  • Book Review: State of the World 2010

    State of the World 2010 is on book stands, just in time for President Obama’s State of the Union address, though I’m not sure he’s read it given his talk of economic growth to create more jobs in businesses that require more stimulus spending and more government oversight. I’ve regularly blogged on our state of […] More

  • Is Social Security “Windfall” Penalty Fair to Labor?

    The Texas American Federation of Teachers (AFT) cites the case of a widowed public school teacher that retired with a $900 monthly pension. She would have been eligible to receive $600 survivor benefits based on her husband’s Social Security contribution, but the windfall elimination provision (WEP) eliminated all of her survivor benefits. More

  • More Money for the Auto Industry

    Three more car companies received sizeable loans from the federal government yesterday, but don’t worry; it’s not another bailout. In fact, the$8 billion is just the start of a larger $25 billion project called the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVM for short) that was thought up back in 2007 and funded by Congress […] More

  • Can Blue Dogs Help Obama’s Green Message?

    Despite public outrage over AIG bonuses, Obama had a good week. He traveled across America expressing his own outrage over the bonuses. He was warmly greeted in Orange County, California — once a bastion of conservative Republicanism. Republican Governor Swarzenegger warmly embraced him and assured him that California supported the stimulus plan. Obama appeared on the Tonight Show displaying his quick wit with the show’s host Jay Leno. More

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