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  • Koch Industries Exploits Unemployment Rate to Support Big Oil Agenda

    The Los Angeles Times reported that Flint Hills Resources, a subsidiary of Kansas-based Koch Industries, donated one million dollars to the campaign for California Proposition 23. Proposition 23 would suspend California’s global-warming law, known as AB 32, until the state’s unemployment rate dropped below 5.5%, a level achieved only three times in the last three […] More

  • Free Webinar on California’s New Mandatory Recycling Measure

    A free webinar explains California’s new mandatory commercial recycling law… will you be in compliance? If you run a business in California, then you are aware of California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32). The act requires California to develop regulations that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020. It is […] More

  • A Passion for Fish and the Planet: Passionfish Restaurant

    Some people say you eat with our eyes. At Passionfish restaurant in Pacific Grove, California, you do so with your heart — at a place where the local is celebrated, showcased, and conserved. Sometimes, savoring a meal can nurture our body while helping preserve or restore the planet.  One day, every meal will be consumed […] More

  • Growing Plastic: A New Use for Biomass

    In the constant push for ever newer and greener technology and energy, we sometimes forget that it is often both simpler and cheaper to revisit old techniques in new ways. And that’s exactly what a group of researchers in California has done. By combining several old and well understood chemical techniques and reactions, they have […] More

  • Nuclear Power Debate Heats Up California

    California’s nickname of the Golden State couldn’t be more apropos than with its leadership on energy. PBS recently devoted an entire episode of “Nova” to the subject of “The Big Energy Gamble” about California. “It is leading the United States, and quite frankly, even though the bulk of the United States is behind the developed […] More

  • Energy Efficiency Policies and Products Create Jobs

    In this uncertain economic time, it is great to hear some good (and not just on a relative scale, but really good) news. A just-released report authored by UC Berkeley professor David Roland-Holst, called “Energy Efficiency, Innovation, and Job Creation in California,” documents the job growth and economic development that resulted from thirty years of […] More