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  • Clean Energy Funding: Truth vs. Truthiness

    Former Governor and republican presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney knows how to rile up his base.  “Do you know how much money he (President Obama) invested in so-called green energy companies?” asked Romney of his carefully selected crowd of supporters at a campaign speech in New Hampshire. “Ninety billion. Ninety billion!” Oh, how could he?  How […] More

  • America to President and Congress: Give us clean energy

    Apparently, Americans aren’t getting the message that renewable energy is dead. Following the Solyndra bankruptcy and the avalanche of negative news coverage, 90 percent of the American public still thinks that developing sources of clean energy should be a very high (30%), high (35%) or medium (25%) priority for the president and Congress. This is […] More

  • Free Webcast of Renewable Energy Conference Today

    Today, the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) is hosting their annual Phase II of Renewable Energy in America National Policy Forum in the Cannon House Office Building. The excellent agenda includes speakers from ACORE, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Google, POET (my employer), Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E), GE Energy Financial Services, […] More

  • Why Saving Energy is the #1 Green Action you can do this Earth Day

    Here’s an Earth Day concept for you—energy efficiency is the “gateway drug” to clean energy. A person who buys Energy Star appliances, fuel efficient vehicles or hybrids, and home efficiency products is more likely to go on to buy clean energy through their utility, or even look into on-site generation (solar panels, for instance). But […] More

  • CESA To Present Proposal on the Role of States in Green Economic Stimulus Package Jan. 13 in D.C.

    A new federal/state clean energy partnership will result in the creation of green collar jobs and clean energy infrastructure in America, according to Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), a national nonprofit organization that works with clean energy funds and state agencies to expand the nation’s clean energy infrastructure and advance markets for clean energy technologies. More

  • Is There a Green Upside to the Economic Meltdown?

    The economic meltdown could be good news for the area of clean energy investing, according to Steven Fraser, a senior lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the recently published “Wall Street: America’s Dream Palace.” Fraser believes that backlash to the recent economic crisis will result in a new era of enlightened regulation and investment akin to Roosevelt’s New Deal, which helped America climb out of the Great Depression. Fraser offered these opinions in a recent interview on WHYY’s Fresh Air program.