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  • Crowdfunding Could Grow to $90 Billion Market

    The other day, I had a conversation that began something like this: “Crowdfunding, that’s that new term for how you can get the latest gadget or game or movie by ordering it early, right?” To which I replied that yes, that could certainly be one way to look at it, but another, and perhaps more […] More

  • Crowdfunding One Million Young Leaders with Piggybackr

    How can we enable the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs? One effective method might be through giving them the tools and the resources to be able to raise money and support for their ideas, and a new campaign aims to do just that. Piggybackr’s 1 Million Leaders Challenge, which runs from November 1, 2013 […] More

  • Turning to the Crowd to Fund Next Gen Eco-Material

    The company behind what’s been referred to as the ‘Holy Grail of eco-materials‘ is looking to start a revolution. A revolution in eco-friendly materials, that is. “A revolutionary material made from reconstituted cellulose and water – and nothing else! A patented process converts cellulose fibres into a strong wood-like substance capable of being formed into […] More

  • Using Crowdfunding to tell Fair Trade and Supply Chain Stories

    How can Fair Trade companies tell their story in a way that’s transparent, honest, and informative? If this crowdfunded campaign is successful, it might be as easy as giving people a single, consumer-friendly point of entry for all Fair Trade organizations and companies, either on the web or via an app. “Many consumers want to […] More

  • Detroit SOUP Dinners Microfund Local Creative Projects

    A unique microfunding venture is helping to give creative projects in the Detroit area a boost, via a monthly community dinner experience. Detroit SOUP offers the chance for participants to get soup, salad, bread, and a vote for their choice of who will receive the funds from the dinner, all for just $5. “Detroit SOUP […] More

  • How to make sustainability happen: Amp it up!

    What happens when your boss calls a meeting and looks around the room and says, “OK…sustainability is all the rage these days and it looks like the business benefit is clear. Who knows how we can do something proactive around healthy product design?   [awkward pause]   Energy efficiency?  [pause…even more awkward]  Come on guys…does […] More

  • Update on the JOBS Act and crowdfunding

    David Fisher’s talk on Locavesting last week at the TechConKona Conference with Paul Hawken highlighted some of the key challenges with startups and their ability to get the capital they need to grow. Implicit in his talk was the emerging power of crowdfunding, and the expectation that its evolution with the JOBS Act will bring tremendous […] More

  • Is green the next big economic driver?

    Has the green economy failed us? The latest jobs report showed modest growth in the private sector with roughly 80,000 new jobs (the disappointment in the jobs report was partially due to the public sector shedding some 14,000 jobs last month). It’s not as fast a recovery as some would like, and the economy continues […] More