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  • Green Aviation? The Sky’s the Limit for Job Creation

    One Billion Cars For many years, it was assumed that the primary emphasis on decreasing greenhouse gas emissions should concentrate on automobiles. After all, as a recent “Huffington Post” article decried, the world now has over a billion cars and their greenhouse gas emissions to deal with. In an April 2010 article, “Impact of Aviation […] More

  • What’s Next for the Green Economy II – The Sequel

    In the guest post below, Glenn Croston, Founder of Starting Up Green, discusses why the midterm elections cannot stop the green economy. From Glenn Croston’s Fast Company expert blog: Back when President Obama was elected in 2008 I wrote a blog post about “What’s Next for the Green Economy“. At the time we were in […] More

  • Book Review: State of the World 2010

    State of the World 2010 is on book stands, just in time for President Obama’s State of the Union address, though I’m not sure he’s read it given his talk of economic growth to create more jobs in businesses that require more stimulus spending and more government oversight. I’ve regularly blogged on our state of […] More

  • How to Thrive on 50% Less Income

    Whether you’ve been forced to take unpaid furloughs, reductions in pay (or increases in insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses) or find only one person in your household with a job instead of two, you’re not alone in having to rediscover how to live on as much as 50 percent less in household income. According […] More

  • America’s Mecca: the Mall of America

    The only thing I could easily find in the whole place — with a “Made in the USA” label — was underwear. What I didn’t expect to find, was a mall heated by the sun (and body heat). Forget the “conservative right” or “liberal left.” If America has a religion, it’s that of the consumption […] More

  • How Alan Greenspan Tricked America

    Mr. Greenspan quiets the crowd and lowers his voice solemnly. “Now I shall perform the grand finale of the evening. Mr. America if you would be so kind as to allow me your services for one final trick?” Mr. America steps back onto the stage, flushed with excitement, the one hundred dollar bill remains in the box. More

  • First Green Certified Laptop Battery Boosted by HP

    HP teams with U.S. based Boston-Power to create the first line of eco-friendly laptops. In the race to come up with newer eco-friendly laptop solutions HP has not only led the way, but helped achieve a few firsts in the process, according to a recent Boston-Power press release. Not only will HP be launching what […] More

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