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  • Greening Your Business — For Free!

    Can you green your business for free? With the right qualifiers, you might. There is at least one company that will take a comprehensive look at your organization, project out the amount of money it can save on your electric bill by installing greener technologies, and outfit you — free — on a contingency basis […] More

  • Inspired Economist: Pick of the Week

      This column highlights the top economic stories of the week. Having children is the surest way to send your carbon footprint soaring, according to a new study from statisticians at Oregon State University. The study found that having a child has an impact that far outweighs that of other energy-saving behaviors. More on this story here. […] More

  • Canada’s Clean Coal Concept

    Wednesday, Canadian Environment Minister Jim Prentice announced his government’s most recent plan for eliminating CO2 emissions. The Canadian government hopes to phase out electrical generation by modern coal technology in favor of carbon capture and storage (CCS) – the much debated and as yet unproven “clean coal” concept – nuclear power, and other, renewable sources of energy. More

  • It’s Time to Get Smart. Smart Grid Technology Proposed for MA

    Legacy electricity grids, the current distribution systems used for a century in the US, are highly inefficient…7%, never makes it to the user, lost at the transmission and distribution levels…..Environmentalists and others have been pushing for smart-grid technology for over a decade because it will enable consumers to use less electricity and benefit the environment. More

  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company Energizes Silicon Valley With Vehicle-to-Grid Technology

    During a recent Silicon Valley Leadership Group Alternative Energy Solutions Summit, Pacific Gas and Electric Company showcased the first-ever utility Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology demonstration. The demonstration marks a milestone in the development of innovative technologies to make electric vehicles suppliers of electricity to homes and businesses. “PG&E is committed to meeting the challenges associated with […] More