Give a Green PC from CherryPal for Christmas

Mountain View, California-based startup CherryPal announced that it is now shipping a fully green desktop PC (the C114) as of December 2nd, just in time for it to be a perfect green Christmas present. Although it is a desktop, it is about the size of a paperback book – perfect for space limited computer users. It consumes only 2 Watts of power (the company’s website tells us this is about the same as a clock radio), and uses cloud computing, so there is no need to run the constant virus and spyware checkers that consumes another valuable resource, time. As it uses 80% fewer parts than most PCs, it generates less waste in the manufacturing process. As electronics manufacturing uses many toxic and hard to eliminate chemicals, it showed great foresight on the part of the founder of CherryPal (and ingenuity) in designing it this way.