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  • Google Makes Big Investment in Wind-Energy

    Back in May Google Inc. invested $38.8 million in two North Dakota wind farms. This was the company’s first investment in a utility-scale wind-energy project. Google’s green business operations manager, Rick Needham, said then that Google is “aiming to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy—in a way that makes good business sense, too.” Yesterday it […] More

  • Inspired Economist Pick of the Week

      This column highlights the top economic stories of the week. For a while it looked like Google might actually bailout the newspaper industry by buying a stake in newspapers that have been struggling with debt and declining ad revenues.  However, it appears that this plan ha been called off. Meanwhile, the Treasury department has […] More

  • How Technology is Helping Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

    For years, green activists were “anti-technology”, claiming that technological advances were largely responsible for the polluted state of Mother Earth. This was a fair claim, as yesterday’s technologies only looked at the bottom line, and not the resulting mess. In today’s reality, the words “green” and “technology” no longer constitute an oxymoron, as technologists have turned their attention to cleaning up the mess previous generations have made. More

  • Does The Credit Crunch Help Or Hurt The Issue of Climate Change?

    Whether the global credit crunch will actually help or hurt the search for solutions to climate change is becoming a debatable issue.

    Currently, the issue of climate change appears to be on the back burner as governments are focused on the financial problems that have shaken the global economy. It could be several months before politicians return to focusing their attention on long term problems like global warming. More

  • Sustainability and Google’s 10th Anniversary

    Ideas may be a dime a dozen, but turning an idea into action generally costs money–sometimes a lot of money. And that’s where Google can be of service. It’s Google’s Tenth Anniversary, and they are celebrating by giving away up to $10 million for good ideas to change the world.  Project 10^100 is open to […] More