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Taking San Francisco forward into a new era of Sustainability

[fora id=9376] San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, is known for his particularly progressive thinking when it comes to developing the economy of San Francisco. According to the Long Now Foundation, which recently sponsored a presentation by him, mayors are the most powerful politicians in America, right up there with county supervisors. This is why cities …

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10,000 Youth Descend Upon D.C. Calling for Green Jobs and a Green Economy

Starting on Friday, February 27th, 10,000 students and other young people from across the country will converge upon Washington D.C. to demand immediate action on green jobs and climate change.

The Power Shift ’09 ( summit kicks off on Friday, February 27 and culminates on Monday, March 2, when the youth and their families will don green hard hats and gather on the steps of the Capitol.

2008….Cause For Inspiration? The Economic Year In Review

2008 – what a year! As we get ready to draw the curtains on one of the most unsettling economic years in history, we the writers of the Inspired Economist are still wondering… was this year one that has left our battered economy begging for inspiration? Or have the sustainable events of 2008 spearheaded the initiation of what we believe is truly an Inspired Economy?

2008 was about the $700 billion bailout. Foreclosures. The plummeting stock market. As the year came to a close, the nation’s economic turmoil battled with the presidential election. But it was also a time when new businesses were born into what appears to be an unprecedented sustainability boom. When energy, economy and environment have taken on a new and inter-dependent definition.

Obama’s Green Job Plan x 10

And even though the Obama proposal will create 2.5 million green jobs within 5 years, that will do little to replace the 4 million lost manufacturing jobs since President Bush took office, or the 2 million jobs lost so far this year, or the who knows how many jobs that will be lost in 2009.

Are Green Collar Jobs The Answer to Our Current Economic Dilemma?

As today’s blue collar workers lament the loss of jobs to illegal immigrants or offshoring, a whole new movement is afoot that very well may provide the solution to unemployment woes. As we experience the total revolution of our economy as we know it, an entirely new set of jobs are being created; green collar jobs. In fact, not since the Industrial Age has the global economy experienced the onsite of such a dramatic transformation!

Economy Down. Green Spending Up By Fortune 500

Heartening news for purveyors of green. Sustainable Brands Weekly reports: Eighty percent of corporate sustainability executives in the Fortune 500 plan to maintain or increase their budgets in 2009 – despite today’s down market, according to a new survey. As we discussed in this piece on How To Cut Your Costs And Make Your Package …

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Can Obama Live Up to His Green Promises In An Increasingly Worse Economy?

How much will it take to get the economy back on its feet?
President-elect Obama’s team has begun working on a plan to spend up to $500 billion in new funds if the economy continues to worsen. President-elect Obama promised to create 5 million new jobs in the alternative energy sector. However with the economic outlook worsening daily, will he be able to put his money where his mouth is?

What Does Economic Populism Mean For The Green Economy?

Economic populism involves an economic philosophy urging social and political system changes. In the current political and economic climate, the public concern over the inequity of wealth appears to be at a peak. There is a growing call by Senator Barack Obama and democrats to raise taxes on the wealthy to shrink the wealth gap. But is it true that the rich are getting richer? Or are the rich actually in danger of losing a significant portion of the nation’s wealth? Are the democrats worried about a problem that’s already being fixed by the markets?