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  • The Green Business Blog Carnival #3

    The Green Business Blog Carnival is your weekly wrap-up of everything green and sustainable in business and in life. Welcome to the third stop of your fantastic journey in sustainable business! Hopefully, you had a chance to read the informative posts featured last week at sustainablog. And next Friday, you’ll leap across the pond to […] More

  • More Reasons to Take Your Media Choices Seriously

    Many people think that if they use paper, they need to pay attention to carbon emissions, but if it’s e-media, not so much. Not true. Whether it’s print or electronic, all media has a carbon footprint. According to a report by Don Carli of the Institute for Sustainable Communications, as reported in Printing News: According […] More

  • Marketing Green: Are You Walking the Walk?

    Businesses marketing themselves as “green” are not using environmentally-responsible marketing materials. Earlier this month, a survey released in conjunction with Canadian Environment Week (May 31 to June 5), showed that more than half of businesses marketing themselves aren’t walking the walk — at least not in their marketing materials. The survey, conducted by traffic marketing […] More

  • What’s Your Green Resolution for 2010?

    It’s the time of year when people are making resolutions to lose weight, better manage their finances, better manage their anger, and myriad other things. Is increasing your commitment to environmental sustainability on that list? As I wrote in my very first post for The Inspired Economist in the fall of 2008, the neat thing […] More

  • Marketing: Be More Effective, Cut Fewer Trees

    I love when I hear about marketing campaigns that have a double benefit — they are more effective than traditional campaigns and they are greener, too. How does this happen? Typically, it happens because marketers make smarter use of their databases. They select out a portion of their customer databases and create more customized or […] More

  • The Paper Industry Fights Back

    In today’s marketing world, the paper industry is seen as the big, bad guy — the energy hogging, landfill-clogging waste producer that needs to be replaced by cleaner, more efficient electronic media. But is this really the case? The paper industry claims that the opposite is true. It points out that electronic media are huge […] More

  • Are Pixels Greener Than Paper?

    It’s a debate that’s raged in the printing and marketing community for some time. If you switch to electronic methods of communication, are you really greener than if you use print? Or by switching some portion of your print marketing to email or other e-communications, are you really helping the planet? International Paper has produced […] More

  • Psychographics Help Take Marketing Green

    I was just reading about a report on the psychographics of Hispanic teens, one of the fastest growing demographic segments—projected to reach 62% of the entire teen market in 10 years. Among other things, they are described as extroverted, outspoken, wired, and defined by culture. The top three media consumed by Hispanic youth are 1) […] More

  • Inspiring Change One Person at a Time

    Sometimes we think we have to change governments and corporations in order to see environmental change, but change is just as powerful when it happens one person at a time. And sometimes it’s easier to do.  About a month ago, I made two posts about the environmental efforts of SunChips, a snack food company. I […] More

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