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  • The New Green Media: Print

    I know I’ve been a bit like a dog on a bone about the fact that print is not necessarily the enemy, but I think it’s important. Marketers are being hit like a locomotive with the idea that e-mail and other electronic media are green because they don’t use paper, but there is a lot […] More

  • The Paper Industry Fights Back

    In today’s marketing world, the paper industry is seen as the big, bad guy — the energy hogging, landfill-clogging waste producer that needs to be replaced by cleaner, more efficient electronic media. But is this really the case? The paper industry claims that the opposite is true. It points out that electronic media are huge […] More

  • Are Pixels Greener Than Paper?

    It’s a debate that’s raged in the printing and marketing community for some time. If you switch to electronic methods of communication, are you really greener than if you use print? Or by switching some portion of your print marketing to email or other e-communications, are you really helping the planet? International Paper has produced […] More

  • Psychographics Help Take Marketing Green

    I was just reading about a report on the psychographics of Hispanic teens, one of the fastest growing demographic segments—projected to reach 62% of the entire teen market in 10 years. Among other things, they are described as extroverted, outspoken, wired, and defined by culture. The top three media consumed by Hispanic youth are 1) […] More

  • Even Traditional Print Can Be Green(er)

    Like it or not, “green” is a relative term. If you purchase a truck that gets 18 miles per gallon, is that good or bad for the environment? If you were driving a truck that got 13 miles to the gallon, it’s good. The same applies to many marketing technologies. It’s easy to look past […] More

  • Inspiring Change One Person at a Time

    Sometimes we think we have to change governments and corporations in order to see environmental change, but change is just as powerful when it happens one person at a time. And sometimes it’s easier to do.  About a month ago, I made two posts about the environmental efforts of SunChips, a snack food company. I […] More

  • Sustainability as a Marketing Issue

    More and more frequently, I’m seeing companies choose sustainability, not just as operational preference, but also as a marketing approach. They are marketing “green” or sustainability (because “green” and “sustainability” are different) as a way to connect with consumers and sell products. Thus, when I was contacted by Don Carli, senior research fellow with the […] More

  • “Green” Calculators Help Bank Go Green—Twice

    I’ve been seeing a lot of “green calculators” around these days. I love the concept because they accomplish two goals in one swoop: 1) they encourage businesses or consumers to take more environmentally responsible actions that 2) coincidentally also happen to help the marketer’s bottom line. The latest green calculator I saw was on my […] More

  • A Closer Look at SunChips’ Compostable Packaging

    Yesterday, I blogged about SunChips’ smart marketing use of its green message on its packaging and on its website. This morning, I began reading some of the informational PDFs I downloaded from its website about those environmental initiatives. I was intrigued about the company’s use of a new corn-based biopolymer being used take 30% of […] More

  • Kudos to SunChips — Marketing Its Green

    One of my greatest dietary weaknesses is SunChips, especially the cheese ones. I stopped buying them because, while I’m publicly known as an exercise and healthy food nut, in secret, SunChips are kryptonite to me. I don’t just eat a normal-sized serving. I eat them until I can’t fit any more into my stomach, then […] More

  • Decoding the Language of Green Paper

    PCF, TCF, SFI, FSC, PCW, Green-e . . . good grief, what do all of these acronymns mean? What’s the bottom-line difference on them anyway? If you’ve wondered about things like this, there is a free Webinar you may want to attend. Sign up for Webinar The Webinar will be run by Sabine Lenz, founder […] More

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