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  • Impact Investing has a whole new game

    You know that guy, Jim Cramer? He’s off his rocker. He’s got a TV show called Mad Money that’s akin to MTV of the early 90’s: the cameraman appears to have forgotten his tripod and also to be completely hammered, and there’s lots of random noises, buzzes, popups, bings, boops, and, well, Cramer. He analyzes […] More

  • Younger Consumers NOT So Eco-Friendly

    Want to find the most eco-friendly shoppers? Don’t look at the 18–34 set. While it’s conventional wisdom that younger shoppers are more “green” than older ones, a new study says nope, it’s ain’t so! According to The Checkout, a shopper experience study currently underway by The Integer Group and M/A/R/C Research, the demographic with the […] More

  • Which Green Marketing Approach Is Most Effective?

    As corporate marketers and regulators alike evaluate how to communicate environmental commitments and avoid greenwashing, the 2011 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker (download for free here) tested which of three common marketing approaches was most influential in consumer purchase decisions. Consumers were asked to “purchase” the most environmentally responsible of three generic cleaning products based […] More

  • What Consumers Want in Green Claims

    What are consumers looking for in marketers’ green claims? Honesty, according to the Cone’s 2011 Green Gap Trends Tracker. According to the research, a majority of American consumers are distrustful of companies’ environmental claims (57%) and are overwhelmed by the amount of environmental messages in the marketplace (51%). Given this confusion, it’s understandable that consumers […] More

  • Consumers Will Punish Brands for False Environmental Claims

    After all the effort marketers are putting into communicating their green claims, a new study shows that consumers — American consumers at least — continue to misunderstand phrases commonly used in environmental marketing and advertising. Often, this gives products a greater “green halo” than they may deserve. At the same time, these same consumers are […] More

  • Green Collar Jobs: The Red Hot New Career Field in the US

    You’ve heard of white collar careers and blue collar jobs, but there’s a new set of jobs in the marketplace: green collar jobs. A relatively recent addition to the job market, this industry spans a wide variety of industries and simply put, focuses on eco-friendly careers. What exactly is a green collar job? In general, […] More

  • Eco Cocoa: Sweet or Loco?

    Last Thursday evening, February 10, as a sweet precursor to the Valentine’s Day ahead, the Global Cocoa Project, courtesy of its parent initiative, the Global Giving Circle, as well as from Calgary Brown producing the event for Hub Bay Area (in SoMa within the San Francisco Chronicle building), brought to our watering mouths a taste of what kind […] More

  • Got Green? Flaunt It!

    Last week, I blogged about some of the latest research showing that marketers are missing the opportunity to share their green stories with customers who want to hear it. Customers want to hear your green story. Research shows that when marketers share their green commitments, it increases customers’ favorable feelings toward the company, strengthens customer […] More

  • Dumb Mailing Moves That Hurt the Environment

    We all want to talk about big, grand ideas for saving the environment. How about taking small, incremental steps like, say, not mailing big huge, bulky packages to the wrong people? I was browsing an industry discussion group recently and the the co-owner of an interactive marketing firm — you know, one of those creative, […] More

  • Green URLs: The New Norm

    Is it just me? Or do you notice “green” pages popping up on companies’ websites everywhere? Home • Products • Services • Who We Are • The Environment • Contact Us Everybody, it seems, has a page promoting their environmental commitment these days. It’s hip to be green. It’s cool to be environmental. I like […] More

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