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  • What Constitutes a Truly Sustainable Business?

    Sustainability is the great new green buzz word in our society – but what does it really mean? Does it mean that a business can use sustainable materials, treat employees well, but not turn a profit? Or does it mean that a business can make all the right noises, recycle products, give to high profile organizations and yet treat its employees like expendable commodities? Most definitely not!

  • 2008….Cause For Inspiration? The Economic Year In Review

    2008 – what a year! As we get ready to draw the curtains on one of the most unsettling economic years in history, we the writers of the Inspired Economist are still wondering… was this year one that has left our battered economy begging for inspiration? Or have the sustainable events of 2008 spearheaded the initiation of what we believe is truly an Inspired Economy?

    2008 was about the $700 billion bailout. Foreclosures. The plummeting stock market. As the year came to a close, the nation’s economic turmoil battled with the presidential election. But it was also a time when new businesses were born into what appears to be an unprecedented sustainability boom. When energy, economy and environment have taken on a new and inter-dependent definition. More

  • Free Patent Details Revealed By Bosch, Du Pont and Xerox

    Bosch, Du Pont and Xerox have joined the Eco Patent Commons, an international effort to speed up the progress of sustainable development. Their paticipation brings the number of free patents available for use by anyone in the world to 69, more than doubling the original number. Hosted by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development […] More

  • Global Top Twenty Sustainable Businesses Announced

    Identifying those businesses that are genuinly sustainable can often be a trial of endurance. To try and relieve some of the pain, Sustainable Business has recently released the 2008 SB20: the top twenty sustainable company stocks worldwide. The aim is to showcase innovative companies which have either made considerable progress in making their management practices […] More