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  • What Is Sustainability Investing?

    “Sustainability Investing is often referred to as Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Responsible Investing, Impact Investing, Ethical Investing, and Green Investing. It is closely linked to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics such as corporate governance, energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, employee turnover, and waste production.” – RobecoSAM More

  • Investing in Oil Companies Could be a Risky Business

    For investors, oil companies have historically been a good bet, but that may be changing, as new statistics reveal that investing in oil companies may not be the best strategy anymore. When it comes to factors such as the amount of money it takes to maintain the levels of legacy crude oil production (which is […] More

  • World Record Crowdfunding Campaign to Fund Tallest Skyscraper in Colombia

    [This article was written by Alex Hayes and originally published by Mosaic.] The largest successful crowdfunding campaign in history just raised over $200 million, from 3,800 backers, for an ambitious project to build the tallest skyscraper in Colombia. The BD Bacatá is a skyscraper funded on the Prodigy Network, a crowdfunding platform. Once complete, the […] More

  • Our gift to you: $25 to start investing in clean energy!

    Want to get started investing in solar energy? Our friends over at Mosaic, the leading solar energy investment platform, are generously giving away $25 to new investment accounts that sign up through our link (we don’t receive any money from this, and it isn’t an affiliate link, just a holiday gift). “Mosaic connects investors to […] More

  • Swedish Women-Only Cooperative Invests in Wind Energy

    In a world full of sole proprietorships, corporations, and LLCs, it’s helpful to remember that there are other viable business models that can also succeed, such as cooperatives, which can come in flavors as diverse as farm equipment co-ops, credit unions, or cooperative housing. In many parts of the US, food cooperatives are probably the […] More

  • Investing With Social Consciousness

    A complex issue of conscience faces many in the world of business economics and investing. Despite the stereotypical view of many, believing in the facts of climate change and having a regard for the vital importance of environmentally sound practices does not automatically mean that one wishes to roll back 2000 years of technological progress […] More

  • GIIRS is a Bridge that will Make More Money Flow to Good

    [social_buttons] A bridge is about to open up that will make things easier but safer for people who want make their investments consistent with their values. Just like a bridge makes traveling between two islands easier, the new rating system to be unveiled at Socap09 will be like taking a train instead of having to […] More

  • Green Municipal Bonds – Economic Crisis Solved

    Think Globally – Act Locally. Green Municipal Bonds offer the opportunity to rescue the economy and the environment.  Local governments are needlessly watching their economies disintegrate, waiting and begging for handouts from Washington D.C., while all along the power to save their economies and help the environment lies in their hands – Green Municipal Bonds. […] More

  • Martin Luther King on Socially Responsible Investing

    “Tell your neighbors not to buy Coca-Cola in Memphis. Go by and tell them not to buy SealtestWonder Bread.”  Martin Luther King told milk. Tell them not to buy–what is the other bread?– the parishoners of Bishop Charles Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee, the Sunday before his assasination. Martin Luther King is remembered today, even […] More

  • Mr. Buffett’s Buying American, How About You?

    The economy is in crisis, unemployment is on the rise, and there is a general feeling of fear in the market.  Where some see despair, Warren Buffett sees opportunity.  In a recent Op-Piece in the New York Times, Mr. Buffett explains his reasons for investing in US Equities and urges others to do the same.  He […] More