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  • Dumb Mailing Moves That Hurt the Environment

    We all want to talk about big, grand ideas for saving the environment. How about taking small, incremental steps like, say, not mailing big huge, bulky packages to the wrong people? I was browsing an industry discussion group recently and the the co-owner of an interactive marketing firm — you know, one of those creative, […] More

  • Green URLs: The New Norm

    Is it just me? Or do you notice “green” pages popping up on companies’ websites everywhere? Home • Products • Services • Who We Are • The Environment • Contact Us Everybody, it seems, has a page promoting their environmental commitment these days. It’s hip to be green. It’s cool to be environmental. I like […] More

  • Chevron Gets Ad-Jacked

    Yesterday, Chevron launched a new advertising campaign called We Agree. According to the company news release: The campaign highlights the common ground Chevron shares with people around the world on key energy issues.  It also describes the actions the company takes in producing energy responsibly and in supporting the communities where it operates. Not everyone […] More

  • Solar or oil: is that a legitimate question?

    Last week, a story titled Texas Oil Baron Is Promoting Solar Energy ran in the New York Times. Written by freelance environmental journalist Todd Woody, it was about a commercial featuring Larry Hagman, posing as the Texas oil tycoon J.R. Ewing that he played on the TV show Dallas. In the commercial, the former faux-oilman […] More

  • Buy Solar. Get a Gun. Literally.

    Is this an irresponsible business strategy or brilliant marketing in disguise? What better way to get a gun-toting NRA member to go green? Give ’em a free firearm with a purchase of a 3kW+ solar system. That’s right… green power and fire power, now, go hand in hand thanks to the fine folks at Bland […] More

  • Major: Marketing; Minor: Saving the World

    A review of the textbook Sustainability Marketing: A Global Perspective – the idea that a business degree can help better the world. Ahhh. Remember that first day of college? Young. Naive. You think you can change the world. Then, your parents start bugging you about choosing a career and so you major in business and […] More

  • Refresh Everything

    It’s been a number of years since we have seen any initiative lead by a power brand in the arena of corporate social responsibility. This Wednesday, Pepsi launches one of the biggest corporate social responsibility efforts that we’ve seen since the launch of (RED) in 2006 with the Pepsi Refresh Project. Good CSR takes strategic […] More

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