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  • Planned Obsolescence and the Bic Effect – Part 6

    In short order the name of Bic was equated with the rising popularity of inexpensive disposable products – a n emerging trend. The list of wares ran the gamut, from razors to disposable cameras. Unlike Brooke Stevens’ adage involving a product that was newer and slightly better, the world of disposables simply involved low cost and the ability to produce at a massive scale. More

  • Setting Achievable Green Goals at Your Company

              Thanks to our friends at Dilbert for this one. In our sometimes overzealous approach to greening our companies…a good reminder to set achievable green goals in your workplace (that don’t conflict with other goals, if possible).     More

  • Paper: Recycle It or Bury It?

    This will probably get me drummed out of Greenpeace, but I’m increasingly of the opinion that the greenest thing to do with paper is to use lots of it, preferably printing on it first, and NOT recycle it. Instead bury it somewhere anaerobic, so it won’t decay for a long time. Then grow more trees […] More

  • The Effects of CSR on Market Capitalization

    To what extent do socially and environmentally positive initiatives in the private sector boost a [public] company’s value? And is the downside greater for those that that do not engage in CSR activities or worse flout environmental or social concerns? We know that significant events such as the BP oil spill will go a long […] More

  • When Is Junk Mail Going to Disappear?

    About 7 months ago, following grad school I relocated to the great (not state although some are trying) District of Columbia. Although 7 months is not a very long time, one would think it would be long enough for me to stop receiving previous tenant’s junk mail. In fact, it’s not just one previous tenant, […] More

  • Let’s go Bucs! Let’s go green? Major League Baseball and CSR.

    That’s right folks, it’s baseball time again.  There’s nothing like a ball park hot dog and a cold drink while watching your favorite baseball team to let you know Spring has finally arrived.  But what happens to all that stadium food once the game is over?  I was pleased to read Pirate’s spokesman, Matt Norby, […] More

  • The Value of CSR Reporting in Developing Economies

    An interesting question was posed recently by a member of a group I’m part of on LinkedIn (Global Reporting Initiative) that stated simply “Is GRI beneficial for a 3rd world enterprise?” It’s both a valid and interesting question for a variety of reasons. This gentleman’s concern was mainly over the cost and time that it […] More

  • eBay Makes it Easy to Buy Green this Holiday Season

    If you’re worried about what to buy your “green” friend or family member this holiday season, look no further than on-line!  eBay makes shopping green easy on its Discover your green lifestyle on eBay page.  Plus, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out the travel to the stores!  From Occasion items, Home decor and […] More

  • Heineken’s ‘Brewing a Better Future’ 2020 Sustainability goals target Water and CO2

    Heineken’s “Brewing a Better Future” 2020 sustainability goals focus on CO2 and Water reduction according to the recent CSRwire press release.  On November 25th at the annual European Food and Drink Industry conference, Mr. Didier Debrosse, Regional President of Heineken Western Europe, highlighted the progress being made to achieve the company’s ‘Brewing a Better Future’ […] More

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