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  • Invest in solar for community institutions with Crowd Solar

    Investors can help community institutions save money, reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, and become more resilient, by helping to fund solar installations at schools, libraries, or local nonprofit organizations with Crowd Solar. By investing money in solar for community institutions at places that do good in the community, it’s a win/win situation, as the […] More

  • Solar Schools Can Empower Communities and Power Classrooms

    How can schools cut their energy costs, while at the same time helping communities to diversify their energy sources and support clean renewable energy? It might seem like a no-brainer, but one direct approach is to install solar photovoltaic systems on school campuses and use the generated electricity to offset their fossil fuel energy consumption […] More

  • Wind and Solar could be the backbone of the Egyptian Economy

    There are so many buzz words associated with the subject of climate change – eco-friendly, sustainable policies, global warming, CO2 emissions, green this and green that – the list goes on and on. Makes it hard sometimes to see the wood from the slash-and-burned trees in our ever-shrinking forests. Egypt is a country liable to […] More

  • First Solar Leads U.S. in Solar Installations

    Solar Power World has published its ranking of top U.S. solar contractors. The ranking lists the solar industry’s top 100 companies in order of total megawatts (MW) installed in 2011. The ranking includes a wide variety of solar installers, with both publicly traded and privately owned companies dispersed throughout. The top 100 companies installed a combined […] More

  • Sustainable Urban Living- Desert Style

    Smack dab on the front page of the Sunday New York Times yesterday was some positive news out of the Middle East. Seems architect Norman Foster of firm Foster and Partners has, along with the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), developed a fully sustainable city called Masdar. While it seems like a bit […] More

  • Solar or oil: is that a legitimate question?

    Last week, a story titled Texas Oil Baron Is Promoting Solar Energy ran in the New York Times. Written by freelance environmental journalist Todd Woody, it was about a commercial featuring Larry Hagman, posing as the Texas oil tycoon J.R. Ewing that he played on the TV show Dallas. In the commercial, the former faux-oilman […] More

  • Buy Solar. Get a Gun. Literally.

    Is this an irresponsible business strategy or brilliant marketing in disguise? What better way to get a gun-toting NRA member to go green? Give ’em a free firearm with a purchase of a 3kW+ solar system. That’s right… green power and fire power, now, go hand in hand thanks to the fine folks at Bland […] More

  • Inspired Economist: Pick of the Week

      This column highlights the top economic stories of the week. While Detroit has benefited from Cash for Clunkers, foreign automakers have gained even more. Some critics of the program warned that because it let consumers buy domestic or foreign cars, Clunkers could end up spending more American tax dollars to help foreign companies than American […] More

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