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  • Testing Compostable Packaging Claims: Week 4

    Oh, the things I do for The Inspired Economist. This is the fourth week of my unscientific test on the compostability claims of Boulder Canyon and SunChips 100% compostable chip bags. The decaying grass in my compost pile is getting heavier, the pile of eggshells and other kitchen scraps on top is getting heavier, and […] More

  • Testing Composable Packaging Claims: Week 3

    Yes! We have achieved deterioration! This is week three of my unofficial, unscientific test of 100% compostable packaging claims from SunChips and Boulder Canyon.  Three weeks ago, I buried the bags in my home compost pile, along with a Doritos bag just for fun, and I have been digging them up to see how they […] More

  • Putting 100% Compostable Packaging to the Test

    Over the last few weeks, I’ve written about SunChips’ 100% compostable chip bag and Boulder Canyon’s 100% compostable bag, both of which are made from different materials. The SunChips’ bag is loud as a firecracker, while Boulder Canyon’s has a softer sound, like the crunching of a paper bag. Maybe that’s because it’s made from […] More

  • Are Marketers Bowing to Positive Peer Pressure?

    Teenage drinking = bad peer pressure. A first-grader learning to do a cartwheel for the first time because of the encouragement of her classmates on the playground = good peer pressure. Marketers calling themselves “green” or “sustainable” because everyone else is doing it = bad peer pressure. Marketers switching from traditional to compostable packaging because […] More

  • The Answer to the Super-Loud SunChips Bag?

    Have you been following the furor over the super-loud SunChips bag?  I’ve written a number of posts about SunChips’ move from partially compostable to fully compostable packaging, but man, the sound of compostability is loud! The 100% compostable bag even made the national news a few weeks back due to a groundswell of complaints about […] More

  • Inspiring Change One Person at a Time

    Sometimes we think we have to change governments and corporations in order to see environmental change, but change is just as powerful when it happens one person at a time. And sometimes it’s easier to do.  About a month ago, I made two posts about the environmental efforts of SunChips, a snack food company. I […] More