The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Continues its Divestment from Oil

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The Gates Foundation continues their disposal of fossil fuel equities.  Between September and December, 2015, the Foundation “sold its $187m stake in BP.”  This move follows a prior stock sale by the foundation to liquidate their entire $824 M holding in ExxonMobil. This matters because as recently as October, Bill Gates is on the record against divestment […] read more

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Defined

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You might find some variance in the definition of CSR, but typically corporate social responsibility is about the accountability a company has for its impact on society (people) and the environment. It is necessary because unfortunately, there have historically been some bad actors in the business world. They exploited workers by underpaying them, not providing […] read more

The Definition Of A Triple Bottom Line Business

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Triple bottom line is a term which describes a business that focuses on three main things: people, profits, and the planet. The first use of it was credited to John Elkington, who founded a consulting firm called SustainAbility. Before the term became known, the bottom line in a business was focused mostly on the financial side […] read more

What Is Sustainable Development?

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Sustainable development is economic growth which meets the needs of the present without damaging the lives of future generations. In other words, it doesn’t cause so much damage that people in the future might not be able to live healthy lives. It also means that we don’t destroy so much of the natural world that other […] read more

10 Triple Bottom Line Businesses

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Triple bottom line businesses focus on profits, people, and the planet — not just profits as some companies do. They might not be the biggest names in the corporate world, but there are many examples of these forward-thinking organizations. Better World Books Better World Books sells used books and donates a portion of the profits […] read more

Regional Economics in the United States

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What does each region of the US have to offer to the GDP? In this helpful infographic, the major industries are explained and you can see how each region stacks up with the rest of the country. The industries are broken down broadly into eight categories: Finance Professional Health Care Manufacturing Agriculture Retail Mining Information […] read more

Interview With Nick Cooney: How To Be Great At Doing Good

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Charitable donations have been increasing in recent years and accounted for approximately $358 billion in 2014 (or, 2 percent of GDP). Of this amount, about 72 percent of donations came from individuals (perhaps in part due to Warren Buffet and Bill Gate’s positive peer pressure). With so many charities to choose from, who should we be writing […] read more

New Technologies Make International Business Even Easier

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The international business community has been growing rapidly in the past few years, and changing how and where we work. New technologies are making it easier than ever to communicate with coworkers in faraway countries and across timezones. Here is a list of our favorite tools that can help you build a business, manage a […] read more

Financial Empowerment Training – A Good Idea For Young Girls?

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Toyota Financial Services (TFS) has partnered with Girl Scouts of the USA and pledged $2.1 million to provide financial literacy training for young girls.The program, which aims to empower 26,000 young girls, includes rolling out a new line of Girl Scout badges, providing college scholarships and conducting financial literacy events across the country. Financial Skills […] read more

Effects of Global Warming on Humans – Based on the 2015 IPCC AR5

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Originally published on Not only posing significant risks for Earth’s natural systems, the effects of global warming on humans and human systems have only recently begun receiving the expanded attention they critically require. From hazardous effects causing potential loss of life, injury, or other negative health impacts, to the potential exposure of social, economic, […] read more

Who Are The Impact Investing Venture Capitalists Betting On?

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DBL Partners, an investment fund based in the San Francisco and Palo Alto area, recently announced the closure of an impact investing fund worth $400 million. This fund is the largest so far in the impact investing space and will focus on companies in the sustainable energy, products and services, digital media and imaging, healthcare and IT […] read more

Australia’s Biggest Banks Could Help Achieve UN’s Development Agenda in the Pacific

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By Madeline Greer, Guest Contributor Australia’s Biggest Banks Could Help Achieve UN’s Development Agenda in the Pacific Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has partnered with Westpac and ANZ to help deliver financial inclusion in Pacific communities. The bank’s partnerships are focused on helping communities better manage their funds, encourage entrepreneurship, and empower individuals […] read more