About Inspired Economist

Discussing people, ideas, and companies that inspire positive change through corporate citizenship, social responsibility, impact investing, and sustainable practices.

Think of Inspired Economist (IE) as a bridge between idealism and capitalism, profit and passion, iconoclast and industrialist, right and left, and all of the other dichotomies that serve as distractions from the serious issues that face the world.

IE aims to foster creativity, and to rally both emerging and established business leaders around the goal of creating a more just and sustainable society.

A multi-media resource for the New Economy, IE serves individuals and companies focused on the nexus of people, planet and profit: the “triple bottom line.”

Above all, we want Inspired Economist to do just that: inspire.  We have no use for “gloom and doom.” The world needs hope, and Inspired Economist will profile business leaders who’ve embraced progress and optimism as their primary motivations.

Contact us at hello (at) inspiredeconomist.com

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