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Corporate Social Responsibility Resources

Corporate Social Responsibility Publishers: GreenBiz CSRwire Corporate Social Responsibility — Entrepreneur Corporate Social Responsibility Statistics Global Giving: 15 CSR Facts You Need To Know 10 Stats Every CSR Professional Should Know (Infographic) Corporate Social Responsibility Articles We Recommend: Double the Donation: “Corporate Social Responsibility: The Definitive Guide” Forbes: “Why CSR? The Benefits Of Corporate Social

Corporate Social Responsibility at Epson: Printers Designed for the Dump?

Japanese electronics manufacturer Epson has kept a low profile in its corporate social responsibility efforts over its 7 decades in business. The company has recently made a few small waves, including committing to the green electronics certification EPEAT. EPEAT is a certification registry that now includes computers, printers, scanners, copiers, and multifunction devices. Other than that,

Twitter and Corporate Social Responsibility

For the most part, discussion concerning the role of corporate social responsibility often revolves around the initiatives undertaken (or not) by large, established companies. I’ve personally written about Apple (multiple times, here, here and here), Proctor & Gamble, Louis Vuitton etc. These seem like obvious targets as they have enormous market share within their respective

Social Business Good, Corporate Social Responsibility “Largely Nonsense”

A New York Times business feature on PepsiCo’s support of Mexican corn farmers has thrust a glowing light on the firm’s business practices, while simultaneously beating the anachronistic drum against the value of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Reporter Stephanie Strom provides an interesting overview of how over 300 poor farmers in San Gabriel, Mexico have

Retail Corporate Social Responsibility: News From a Jobless Recovery

With corporate hiring returning to a deep freeze and the Dow hanging north of 10,000 by its fingertips, CSR programs focused on eco-efficiencies — LED lighting in…um…the freezer section — remain priorities for the retail market. This is particularly the case when companies open or renovate new facilities. A Sunday Chicago Tribune Business feature by

Xerox 2008 Global Citizenship Report Proves Efforts Toward Corporate Social Responsibility

All companies like to say they are “green,” but Xerox is putting numbers behind it. Its “2008 Report on Global Citizenship” provides a year-over-year look at its progress toward its goals toward corporate social responsibility. Among the highlights: Two additional facilities named members of U.S. EPA National Environmental Performance Track (validating environmental performance beyond regulatory

Applications Sought for IFC Social Responsibility Agribusiness Consultants

The Social Responsibility Program at the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has received Environmental and Social Development Business Line funding toward the cost of conducting an assessment on the viability of implementing the Better Work Program in African agribusiness. The Better Work Program is a unique partnership between the IFC and the International Labour Organization to

Internal Auditors Can Contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility

In the post-Enron era where risks to corporate reputation are readily acknowledged as something to be taken seriously, organizations are investing significant resources in communicating to current and potential stakeholders their commitment to integrity and ethical practices.  Now internal auditors are taking a look at corporate social responsibility (CSR), also known as sustainable development, as

What is Business for Social Responsibility?

Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) is a global organization that helps member companies achieve success in ways that respect ethical values, people, communities and the environment. BSR provides information, tools, training and advisory services to make corporate social responsibility an integral part of business operations and strategies.  A nonprofit organization, BSR promotes cross sector collaboration

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