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    Prison Vermiculture: Inmates Use Worm Composting for Food Waste

    Food waste is a huge issue these days, affecting everyone from the growers and producers of food to distributors, retailers, and servers, and not only does it essentially turn resources into waste, which costs money, but it also costs money to dispose of it. Finding tools, tactics, and strategies to cut waste all along the […] More

  • Is It Solar Investment’s Time to Shine?

    For years, solar investment has been viewed warily by the markets, as negative comparisons to more traditional energy sectors led to a view that solar stock was overpriced, unpredictably volatile and growing too slowly. Recently, though, that viewpoint appears to have been changing and several major fund managers are placing their faith in solar shares […] More

  • Low Carbon Economy Index 2014: Two Degrees of Separation

    With all of the efforts being put into lowering our global greenhouse gas emissions, and increased awareness of the importance of doing so, it would be nice to hear that we’re making progress toward a low carbon economy. However, unfortunately, the gap between climate ambition and climate reality is big enough that not only are […] More

  • PUMP Documentary Tells the Story of America’s Addiction to Oil

    Most cars and trucks these days run on gas and diesel, and while electric vehicle and alternate fuel technologies are rapidly advancing and may someday play a major part in our transportation infrastructure, for the most part, we’re all at the mercy of the oil companies that monopolize our fuel options. But according to the […] More

  • 5 Things Even Pro Drivers Don’t Know About Summer Driving

    When you drive for a living – whether you’re making deliveries, or client meetings – money matters. But some common cash-saving ideas aren’t as hot as they seem. If driving’s your livelihood, here are some surprising facts to cut your costs this summer. 1. Country Roads Aren’t A Cost Shortcut The rush and bustle of […] More

  • New PBS Series Highlights US Urban Agriculture Innovators and Pioneers

    Beginning in September, a half hour PBS series will take us on a journey across America, focusing on the “food rebels” who are helping to transform our food system by turning toward sustainable (and traditional, in many cases) methods. This 13 episode series, which highlights farmers, ranchers, chefs, scientists, teachers and fishermen in over 50 […] More

  • Corporations Need to be a Force for Good

    “Organisational change expert Professor Lynda Gratton shows that it is now critical that corporations step up to play their role in the world by building inner resilience, actively anchoring themselves in their communities and supply chains, and leveraging their unique capabilities to address complex global challenges.” The full presentation, including Q & A, follows: [via […] More

  • The Real Definition Of Printer Efficiency

    The need for efficiency is a constant in practically all aspects of our lives. We’re always looking to improve ourselves and to refine processes in business to save valuable time. We’re continually in a pursuit to maximize resources and reduce costs, to get more out of less. When shopping around for a printer, consumers usually […] More

  • Free Guide to Investing Available for Father’s Day

    Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the well-known personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad, is giving away free downloads of his Guide to Investing through June 15th, in honor of Father’s Day. “Featuring real dialogue between Kiyosaki and his “rich dad” mentor from before the time Kiyosaki made his very first investment, Guide to Investing […] More

  • Free Market Economies Require an Accurate Price for CO2 Emissions

    It’s rather surprising that in a nation that prides itself on being based on a free market economy, there is not a national model for accurate pricing of CO2 emissions, which would roll some of the externalities of doing business, such as the release of greenhouse gases, into the cost of doing business. When taken […] More

  • These Are the Best States for Investing in Solar

    If you’d like to put your money to work with renewable energy, solar power is a cost-competitive energy option that has the potential to pay green dividends, long after the initial investment has been made. Whether it’s investing your money through a solar investment marketplace such as Mosaic or a solar crowdfunding platform like Sunfunder, […] More

  • Expanding Network of Technology Brings the World Closer

    Over the last 25 years, the unprecedented growth of networking and computing technology has enabled a whole new world, not just for commerce, but also for education, innovation, and communication. This revolution in technology is enabling systems such as peer-to-peer payments, sharing economy platforms, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, and online teaching and learning hubs, and because […] More

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