A Permaculture Cryptocurrency

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Originally published on Ecopreneurist.

The use of cryptocurrency to support alternatives to the status quo is picking up steam, and while we’ve previously covered one that is backed by solar energy, one chosen by the Lakota, and another for the marijuana industry, this new digital currency promises to be the “first true asset-backed cryptocurrency on the market.”

The name of the cryptocurrency is Permacredits, and the focus is on bringing millions of dollars to the funding of profitable permaculture-based projects and boosting the triple bottom line of regenerative businesses.

“Permacredits are the 1st commodity backed crypto currency. This is bitcoin 2.0 in action. Permacredits or “credits” are created as a way for the world to engage in and actively support the world of Permaculture and Eco Developments while enjoying profits from that world. This is permaculture applied to business. This is paying it forward into an eco system of mutually supportive systems that pays you back for your involvement.” – Permacredits

This interview on Bitcoin Newsbrief with Xavier Hawk, one of the founders of Permacredits, explains what they are and how they will be used:

[repostus]Are Permacredits the Future of Sustainable Living? (via http://bitcoinnewsbrief.com)

The crypto community is expanding with new currencies centered around Bitcoin 2.0, some of which are increasing the possibilities of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Many of these cryptocurrencies give the possibility of the creation of contracts, surplus sharing…

but the question still remains, is bitcoin safe?

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