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  • What Is Sustainability Investing?

    “Sustainability Investing is often referred to as Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), Responsible Investing, Impact Investing, Ethical Investing, and Green Investing. It is closely linked to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics such as corporate governance, energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, employee turnover, and waste production.” – RobecoSAM More

  • Guide to Bitcoin for Small Business

    As we continue to seek out more sustainable and decentralized solutions to such common everyday tasks, such as making and receiving payments, peer-to-peer currencies may lead the way. Of these digital currencies and crypocurrencies, perhaps the most well known is Bitcoin, which is not “just for geeks”, but is now seeing adoption by a range […] More

  • Green Investing Options to Avoid the Carbon Bubble

    For green investors, or for those investors who want to divest from fossil fuel companies and focus on green investing, there are a couple of good options to consider when looking for places to put their money to work for them, while also supporting a more sustainable world. Silvio Marcacci, of our sister site CleanTechnica, […] More

  • CBD Energy Plans Solar Installations at 50 Additional Schools in the UK

    50 more UK schools will be the recipients of solar power installations, at no cost to the schools, thanks to the Power Your Future Programme, which has already underwritten solar systems at 100 schools in that country. Green Building Elements has the story: Solar Installations Planned at Additional 50 UK Schools by CBD Energy (via […] More

  • Investment Bonds versus Other Investments

    The London Stock Exchange’s Order Book for Retail Bonds (ORB) was launched in February 2010 in order to provide private investors with easier access to tradable bonds. It’s deemed a transparent, efficient and cost-effective platform – across a wide range of UK fixed income securities. Companies that want to raise funding issue bonds which can […] More

  • A Permaculture Cryptocurrency

    Originally published on Ecopreneurist. The use of cryptocurrency to support alternatives to the status quo is picking up steam, and while we’ve previously covered one that is backed by solar energy, one chosen by the Lakota, and another for the marijuana industry, this new digital currency promises to be the “first true asset-backed cryptocurrency on […] More

  • Your Green Business Plan that Reduces CO2 Could Win $680,000

    In order to get our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions down to a more reasonable level, setting policies and regulations that address CO2 and related gases is one tactic, and business, innovation, and enterprise is another. If we can work more CO2-reducing strategies, products, and services into our modern economy, we might just have a chance […] More

  • This Tax Day, the New IRS Wants to Know Where Your Tax Dollars Should Go

    Tax day always brings a bittersweet feeling, as we might feel the pinch in our wallet, and wish we could use that money for something else, yet we know that in order to build and maintain the infrastructure and services that support the overall functioning of our country, paying taxes is a necessary part of […] More

  • The Reality of Wealth Inequality in the US is Staggering

    Depending on our own income level, our perception of how wealth is distributed across the US population can be mighty skewed, as this video points out: US Wealth Inequality In One Chilling Video (Must See) (via Planetsave) This video demonstrates a few crazy things. One: US wealth inequality is even much greater than most Americans […] More

  • Is the World Bank Destroying Traditional Farming by Enabling Corporate Land Grabs?

    A new report from an independent policy think tank raises questions about the harmful effects on smallholders and traditional farmers by the World Bank’s country ranking system, which is claimed to lead to corporate land grabs, which further impoverishes the poor. “The Bank’s “Doing Business” rankings, which score countries according to how Washington officials perceive […] More

  • Anti-Corruption Activist Argues for New Era of Openness in Business

    One of the big dangers of the modern business world is that companies can be set up in a way that enables their ability to act in a virtually anonymous capacity, hiding behind shell companies and layers of ownership, which keeps the actual individuals behind the company free from prosecution for crimes committed by them. […] More

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