Hunger: Short Film from 1974 Illustrates Contrast between Want and Abundance

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hungerIn this animated short from 1974, which was one of the first examples of computer animation in film, director Peter Foldès illustrates the journey of one man from ‘normal life’ to one of constant hunger amid gluttony.

And considering that 40 years later, while some of us continue to have an abundant and prosperous life, others are still in the thrall of poverty and hunger, this film was remarkably prescient.

“Animated film satire of self-indulgence in a hungry world. Rapidly dissolving, reshaping images, made with the aid of a computer, create a stark contrast between abundance and want. A man eats, at first sparingly, but his appetite grows to gluttony, greed, and gratification of every desire. The nightmare that finally haunts him is the one that hangs over our disparate world.”

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