Help Wanted: Build the Best Green Jobs Site Ever

Help Build the Best Green Jobs Site EVER! Important Media, our parent company, is hosting an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund the best green jobs site ever. Sounds audacious, right? Perhaps a little self-important? But with our global network of clean tech, clean transportation, healthy food, and sustainable living websites, we are confident that we can build

Detroit SOUP Dinners Microfund Local Creative Projects

A unique microfunding venture is helping to give creative projects in the Detroit area a boost, via a monthly community dinner experience. Detroit SOUP offers the chance for participants to get soup, salad, bread, and a vote for their choice of who will receive the funds from the dinner, all for just $5. “Detroit SOUP

Victory Bonds for Clean Energy

A common challenge facing renewable energy development is the insecurity of funding. A new bill, HR 6275, the Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVB) Act, sponsored by Representative Bob Filner (D-CA), aims to give ordinary citizens the ability to invest in renewable energy through a program similar to World War II’s Victory Bonds. Supporters suggest the

Indian Real Estate: Housing for the Poor or Another Debt Crisis?

Like other rapidly developing nations, India has a housing problem. The rural-urban migration has overwhelmed cities like Mumbai, where the formally rural poor come to find new opportunity. Often times this migration is one indication of a country’s development. The major issue however is, where do all these people live? Up until now, more often

Has Banking Gone Nuts? A Look at Sustainability in the Financial Sector

Despite all the bad news we’ve received due to issues in the financial sector over the last two years, it turns out some banks are doing significant work greater than the occasional philanthropic project. Mark Stoiber of Fast Company has outlined some of these cutting edge banks and the interesting work they are doing in

CDFIs: Community Investing as Part of Your SRI Portfolio

Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) has become a nearly $3 trillion dollar industry in the United States.  Investors in SRI use screening and shareholder advocacy to influence corporations to improve their environmental practices, social impact and governance issues.  What I was surprised to find out was that community investing is the fastest growing area of SRI. 

Growth Potential: The New Intersection of Meaning, Metrics and Money

Even a year gone since the failure of Lehman, fundamental questions remain regarding the core underlying assumptions of our financial system. Though currently derivatives trading and black boxes appear out of favour, what will replace them in terms of helpful and productive uses of capital still has yet to be determined. This question was what the Conference

iPhone as Fundraiser

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do?

Shazam figures out what song you’re listening to. A pocket flashlight (not to mention a light saber) is only two taps away. And Yelp can get the phone number, directions and even a review of the place you’re trying to find and meet your friends at in a quarter of the time directory assistance, Safari, Google or any mapping software can do it.

ACCION Invests in Tanzania’s Akiba Commercial Bank

Investments, a for-profit company providing equity for microfinance institutions, and ACCION International, a leading nonprofit microfinance organization, today announced that they will invest in, and provide technical assistance to, Tanzania's Akiba Commercial Bank. The move is designed to help Akiba expand its operations and financial services, particularly in microfinance. ACCION Investments will take a 20

Banking 2.0- A New Source of Funds For Small Businesses

The Person-to-Person (P2P) lending marketplace is an exchange where outsiders are allowed to lend at market rates and anyone who passes the underwriting is allowed to borrow.  This space has grown in part due to the  tightening of the conventional credit markets.  Forbes recently posted a fantastic overview in their Entrepreneur’s Guide to Person-To-Person Lending

ECOBANK and ACCION Launch Microfinance Operations in Ghana

ACCION Savings & Loan, a microfinance bank formed through a partnership between ACCION(R) International, a pioneer in microfinance program development, and ECOBANK, the leading pan-African bank, has received its license to begin microfinance operations in Ghana. EB-ACCION will open its doors today, April 1st, delivering microcredit, savings and micro-insurance products to the Ghanaian market, thus

Discover Hope Fund

  DiscoverHope Fund (DHF) is a 501(c)(3) international development nonprofit seeking to lift women out of poverty by encouraging financial and spiritual abundance through microcredit and sustainable support systems

Microfinance Pioneer ACCION Launches New Website

ACCION International, a pioneer and leader in microfinance, recently announced the launch of its new website, www.accion.org, offering major enhancements in functionality, appearance, resources and accessibility. The new site is a continuing expression of ACCION’s goal to bring the best possible tools to bear on the fight against global poverty. Created to better educate and

Microfinance Misses Its Mark

Aneel Karnani of the Stanford Social Innovation Review offers an interesting take on microfinance, arguing that “despite the hoopla over microfinance, it doesn’t cure poverty. But stable jobs do. If societies are serious about helping the poorest of the poor, they should stop investing in microfinance and start supporting large, labor-intensive industries.” Click here to

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