Microfinance Pioneer ACCION Launches New Website

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ACCION International, a pioneer and leader in microfinance, recently announced the launch of its new website, www.accion.org, offering major enhancements in functionality, appearance, resources and accessibility. The new site is a continuing expression of ACCION’s goal to bring the best possible tools to bear on the fight against global poverty.

Created to better educate and engage the world about how microfinance can help millions to help themselves, the site was designed to facilitate information-sharing, advance dissemination of best practices in the industry, and to improve networking and fundraising. Its new features include:

  • ‘ACCIONconnect’, a new online community for users who want to engage with microfinance and ACCION on a deeper level – connecting people in the developed world more directly to those in under-developed nations. ‘ACCIONconnect’ provides individually personalized content, registration for exclusive events and seminars, and tailored subscription management, among other features.
  • A Flash video library, showcasing eight new, download-able films about ACCION’s microfinance work at home and abroad, narrated by CBS News’ Mike Wallace, and filmed on location in the U.S., Peru, Uganda and Tanzania.
  • A more comprehensive ‘Products & Services’ section, including links to additional resources and publications; and a new ‘Events & Publications’ section, which together help to provide other microfinance practitioners with the tools they need to improve, expand and innovate in their own work.

    Designed by Boston Interactive of Charlestown, MA, the site capitalizes on ACCION’s rich photo archives of microentrepreneurs from around the world, captured by contributing photographers Rohanna Mertens and John Rae, among others.

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