Give the Gift of Health by Crowdfunding Medical Treatment in Nepal

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CrowdFund HealthFor many of the world’s poor, access to health care and medical treatment is really difficult, and people in places such as rural Nepal often can not afford to pay for health services, even if they could get to a clinic or other medical facility. Traveling up to 36 hours to get access to basic health care in Nepal is not unheard of, which can sorely stretch the resources of many rural villagers, and keep many who could use treatment from seeking it out.

But a new kind of crowdfunding venture aims to make healthcare in Nepal more accessible, and in doing so, transform the lives of the patients and help them break the cycle of poverty.

CrowdFund Health, in partnership with Nyaya Health, is making it easy for people to directly donate to the health of some of the world’s most vulnerable people, by allowing donors to help fund medical treatments and safe births for as little as $10. By donating to CrowdFund Health, donors can help fund transportation, testing, medicines, and other health care needs, all for less than the cost of a basic meal here in the developed world.

“It costs less than $349 to provide a safe birth for a mother in Nepal.

Where Nyaya Health works in Nepal, women face a 200-fold higher risk of death in birth versus U.S. women.

For as little as $10, you can change that by funding the medicines, transportation, nutritional support, and care mothers need to have a safe birth.” – CrowdFund Health

And as the holidays are rapidly approaching, giving the gift of health care is a great way to make a social impact and change a life:

“Instead of spending a few dollars on a stocking stuffer for your friends and family, please consider giving a ‘gift’ of investing in someone else’s health care. This gift could literally provide someone with a lifetime that they otherwise might not have had, and you will get an update on the patient’s status directly to your inbox.” – executive director of Nyaya Health

Find out more, or help change the life of someone across the world, at CrowdFund Health.

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