Investing in Oil Companies Could be a Risky Business

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For investors, oil companies have historically been a good bet, but that may be changing, as new statistics reveal that investing in oil companies may not be the best strategy anymore.

When it comes to factors such as the amount of money it takes to maintain the levels of legacy crude oil production (which is not increasing, even with huge investments), and the attendant problems of fossil fuel production, including pollution, carbon emissions, and its role in climate change, it may make better economic sense to focus on investing in renewable and clean energy production instead of our standby, petroleum-based energy.

Zachary Shahan, at our sister site PlanetSave, has the story:

[repostus]Is Investing In Oil Companies Risky? (via Planetsave)

Ignoring the tremendous risks of global warming and climate change (you know, the ones that threaten human civilization as we know it), how risky is it from a purely financial perspective to invest in oil companies? I can’t say that I (or anyone)…

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